3 men indicted in San Antonio for $14.5 million Medicare fraud scheme

SAN ANTONIO – Three men were indicted in San Antonio on charges related to a Medicare fraud scheme that totaled $14.5 million.

Kuba Zarobkiewicz, 35, of San Antonio; Farrukh Mirza, 39, of Richmond, Texas; and Anthony Fermin, 32, of Boca Raton, Florida, are facing a total of 22 charges, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The release states that Zarobkiewicz and Mirza owned medical equipment companies and pharmacies, and they would pay kickbacks to telemarketing firms owned and operated by Mirza.

In exchange, they would receive signed doctor’s orders issued for unnecessary hip, knee and back braces. Federal authorities said the scheme was created to defraud Medicare.

They were charged in December and recently indicted.

They are each facing charges of one count of conspiracy to pay and receive healthcare kickbacks; one count of conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud; six counts of healthcare fraud; and six counts of aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting.

Zarobkiewicz and Fermin were also charged with four counts of payment of illegal healthcare kickbacks. Mirza was also charged with four counts of receipt of illegal healthcare kickbacks.

They are out on bond while they await trial.

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