5 Gifts for That Special Man in Your Life! Holiday Gift Guide 2020

5 Gifts for That Special Man in Your Life! Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. I have been compensated for this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When you think of buying gifts for your a special guy in your life do you get overwhelmed? If you were to ask my wife what she is buying me this holiday season she would say she doesn’t know because I go out and buy what I want or need and don’t think twice about it.

I was able to curate a few gift items I would like to receive this holiday season and I am sure your man would love it too!

Check out the list below and I have included links on where you can pick each of these items up and have a few discount codes for you to use as well!

Vinyl Age: A Guide to Record Collecting Now by Max Brzezinski and Carolina Soul from Black Dog and Leventhal

Of course vinyl is making a comeback! And now everyone has a vinyl collection. I recently found over 100 vinyls my parents had in storage and I was so ecstatic! This book Vinyl Age: A Guide to Record Collecting Now is a great introduction to finding and collecting vinyl.

Written by Max Brzezinski of Carolina Soul Records, one of the world’s largest highend record dealers, Vinyl Age combines an engaging narrative and incisive analysis to reveal the joys of the contemporary vinyl scene. Brzezinski demystifies the record game and imparts the skills essential to modern record digging — how to research, find, buy, evaluate, and understand vinyl in the twenty-first century.

This book, packed with images, graphs, and salient tips, is a
perfect gift for the beginning collector, armchair-curious, or expert
collectors looking to hone their game.

Tanon Goods Personalized Phone Case, Airpods Case, and Slim Wallet

I love personalized items especially ones that I can carry around everyday. Tanon has some amazing custom leather goods that you can personalize! Especially if you have some of the latest Apple goods Tannon has you covered. Tannon Goods Personalized Phone Cases, Airpod case, or slim wallet all personalized just for you!

If you decided to pick this up make sure and use my coupon code “Josh-10” for 10% off your order!

Glasses from Zenni

Looking at a computer screen for hours at a time can stress your eyes out and Zenni has your back! Zenni frames include Zenni’s Blokz lenses, designed to block harmful UV and blue light to help protect your eyes from digital eye strain, blurred vision, and disrupted sleep. These glasses are great for gamers, Blokz are lightweight with virtually no color distortion, help prevent digital eyestrain and boost performance. Any pair of Zenni frames can be upgraded with Blokz® lenses, starting at $16.95.

This amazing and stylish eyewear comes equipped with clip on shades too! I have these sitting on my desk and if I need to head out I just snap on the shades and ready to be outside!

Phone Stand from tekneksavr

Since we are constantly glued to our phones now a days, I bet you’re reading this on your phone aren’t you? Constantly looking at our phones can cause neck pain and Tekneksavr has a solution for that!

The Tekneksavr is an ergonomic aid that attaches to your phone. It has an
adjustable length wand to prop against your torso when standing, or against your thigh when sitting.

Turtle Beach Headset

Been spending more time in front of the computer for work now a days but when I am not working I am gaming on my PC and now my set up is complete with my Turtle Beach Roccat Elo X Stereo Gaming Headset.

This completes my set up because not only can I connect it to my PC but I can add this to my XBOX and even my phone! It is even compatible with the new PS5 and XBOX X | S. With a price point starting at $49.99 these are super versatile, super comfy, and affordable!

Let me know what you think of these gift ideas! Leave me a comment!

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