Apparently, Biden Has Spent the Last Four Years Planning to Stop Trump From ‘Stealing the Election’


Illegal Alien Arrested for Murder of 25-Year-Old Michigan Woman


Texas’ Senate Bill 4 awaits court decision amid enforcement uncertainties

  There are still a lot of remaining questions about how the Senate Bill 4 would…

Migrant crossings in Texas plunge as spends $10 billion on border

  Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has spent $10 billion on border security, but only stopped 12%…

Sen. Kennedy Puts on Master Class, Shames Dems Crying ‘Islamophobia’ Over Controversial Biden Nominee


Good Morning Texas


US, UK File Cyberespionage Charges, Impose Sanctions on Suspected Chinese Hackers


Governor Abbott Posthumously Presents Texas Legislative Medal Of Honor To Two Service Members

Governor Greg Abbott today posthumously presented the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor to U.S. Army Sergeant…

Texas fitness coach shares 3 ways to ‘spring clean’ your wellness routine: ‘Give yourself grace’

Spring cleaning for many can mean keeping your health and wellness in check. A fitness coach…

WATCH: China Damages Boat From the Philippines in South China Sea—After Blinken Renewed US ‘Commitment’


Spending Package Includes Prohibition of Pride and Other Flags Above US Embassies, Biden Vows to Repeal


Honduran migrant charged with assault after border rushing incident in El Paso, Texas

  After an incident at the U.S.-Mexico border where hundreds of migrants rushed the Texas National…

Biden to Host Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Sudani for Talks on Islamic State Coalition


Lisa Murkowski ‘Can’t Rule Out Leaving Republican Party’ Because of Trump


New York City Mayor Eric Adams Cancels US-Mexico Border Trip Over ‘Safety Concerns’


Gov. Abbott Applauds Texas National Guard’s Border Security Efforts at Round Rock Conference

  Governor Greg Abbott praises the Texas National Guard’s role in Operation Lone Star at their…

Revenge of CTA: How One Teachers Union Plans to Fund Attacks and Recalls on Pro-Parent Board Members


Texas sheriff: The Biden admin ‘completely dismantled the border’

  Terrell County, Texas Sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland discusses how his community of fewer than 1,000 people…

Moscow concert hall attack: death toll rises to more than 130

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Governor Abbott Lauds Texas National Guard’s Border Security Efforts In Round Rock

Governor Greg Abbott today commended the brave men and women of the Texas National Guard for…

Hiding the Evidence: Media Blocked From Scene of Border Storming in El Paso


Report: Obama Privately Met With Biden, Advised Him to Make 2024 Election ‘Referendum on Trump’


Blinken Completely Beclowns Himself in Israel, Netanyahu Tells Him to Jump in a Lake


Karine Jean-Pierre bashed for suggesting migrants storming border is Abbott’s responsibility: ‘Beyond belief’

  White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took heat for saying it’s on Gov. Greg Abbott,…

Texas lawmen point guns, threaten to arrest migrants south of border wall

  Tension between members of the Texas military and migrants coming across illegally from Mexico boiled…

Texas migrant stampede shows border patrol needs more help: Robert Almonte

  Former El Paso U.S. Marshal Robert Almonte joins ‘America Reports’ to discuss migrants breaching an…

House Dem blames Republicans in wake of viral video of migrants storming US border in Texas

  Republicans and Democrats have been reacting differently to the chaotic scenes where more than 100…

BREAKING: House Passes $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill Package to Avert Shutdown


AG Miyares supports Texas law to allow state’s cops to arrest illegal immigrants

  Attorney General Jason Miyares announced support for a Texas law that would make illegal immigration…

Embattled NJ Sen. Bob Menendez Announces He Will NOT Run in Dem Primary Amid Corruption Charges


Congress Is Fiddling While America Burns


Republicans – If You Want to Win in November, Take a Look at Ohio


Whistleblower: CIA Intervened in Hunter Biden Investigation, Blocked Interview of ‘Sugar Bro’


Border Patrol chief addresses Texas SB4 immigration law in exclusive interview

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Hundreds of migrants on Texas’ southern border breach wire barriers built under Operation Lone Star

  The tense moment Thursday occurred at a time when the El Paso Sector of U.S.…

Legally blind Texas student defies the odds, gets accepted into…

A 22-year-old Texas native who is legally blind, Snapp was accepted into the Texas Tech University…

4 Texas agencies detail how they’re already using artificial intelligence

   AUSTIN (KXAN) — Four Texas agencies detailed how they’re currently using artificial intelligence tools in…

In the red state of Texas, Republican infighting is entering a new chapter

Spats among Texas Republican lawmakers and leaders are routine. But now the disputes mirror the national…

Texas woman discovers her $15 Goodwill gown was created by Jackie Kennedy’s personal designer: ‘Crazy’

A woman in Austin, Texas, has claimed the ultimate Goodwill find after she purchased a vintage…

Biden Releases His March Madness Brackets, but He Makes a Rather Embarrassing Mistake


Bobulinski Wednesday: Roundup of Former Hunter Biden Biz Partner Torching Dems at Oversight Hearing


Supreme Court Hears Case of Local Politician Who Was Arrested After Criticizing Government Officials


Short-term fate of Texas’ controversial immigration law could come down to a George W. Bush nominee

By Devan Cole, Tierney Sneed and Hannah Rabinowitz, CNN  

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith, other Texas sheriffs ask for federal government to help with southern border crisis

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Biden Administration Releasing New Tailpipe Rules Pushing Electric Vehicles


US Appeals Court Weighing Fate of Texas Border Enforcement Law

  By Daniel Wiessner (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday began hearing arguments on…

Biden Loses to the Teleprompter and Steals Trump’s Slogan, But Still Can’t Get Things Right in Las Vegas


Report: Donald Trump Eyes Three GOP Senators for His National Security Cabinet


Virginia Republican Who Called Herself ‘Trump in Heels’ Has Been Booted From the Party


Supreme Court lets Texas detain and deport migrants under SB4

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday to allow Texas enforce its state law to arrest undocumented…

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Problem With ‘Free Speech’ Reveals a Disturbing Fact About Democrats


‘Like Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship’: Liberal Media Turn on Willis, Call for Self-Removal From Trump Case


Abbott speaks out as controversial border law halted again

Likely the court will take up the law again.  

The latest in the border battle between Texas and the Biden administration

  The Supreme Court on Monday further delayed implementation of Texas’ SB4.  Read More     

CNN Anchor Left Speechless After Mike Rowe’s Response to Ridiculous Question


NEW: Trump Sues Stephanopoulos, ABC for Defamation Over Mace Interview


Joe Scarborough Has On-Air Meltdown Over ‘Bloodbath-Gate’ and Completely Misses It


Trump Legal Team Tells Appeals Court He Cannot Post $464M Bond to Appeal NY Fraud Case


The Evidence That Radical Leftism Causes Mental Illness Is Mounting


When, how to plant bluebonnets in your Texas yard

   AUSTIN (KXAN) — It’s the thick of bluebonnets season in Central Texas, with residents and…

How Texas may craft policy for artificial intelligence usage

   AUSTIN (KXAN) — The hottest topic discussed at this year’s South by Southwest had to…

How Lawmakers Seek to Use the CDC and NIH to Advocate for Gun Control


Biden Proposal Would Add 50,000 Federal Workers in ‘Climate Corps’


Elon Musk Wrecks Joe Scarborough and His Wicked Take on the ‘Bloodbath’ Hoax


Illegal Alien Repeat Offender Accused of Attacking Multiple Women Is Back on Streets of Dysfunctional NYC


Migrant caught at border admitted terrorist plans to ‘make a bomb’ in US: report

  A Lebanese migrant who was caught trying to sneak across the border near El Paso,…

Media Fail Compilation: ‘Bloodbath’ Headlines in Lockstep With DNC Talking Points


New York’s Government Is Missing the Point With Crime on Subways


Self-Identified Hezbollah Terrorist Who Wanted to ‘Make a Bomb’ Caught by Border Patrol in Texas

  During an interrogation, the Lebanese migrant reportedly said that his training with Hezbollah focused on…

SCOTUS decision on SB 4, sweeping Texas border security law, could come by Monday

  A decision from the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Texas’ polarizing border security law,…

Ex-Trump Official Peter Navarro Appeals to Supreme Court to Keep Him Out of Prison in J6 Case


As We Mark 4 Years of Madness, Dr. Simone Gold Details Chilling Government Censorship of Doctors


Conservation Group to Eliminate Invasive Mice on Remote Island – My Money’s on the Rodents


Swatting Surge: Law Enforcement Reports Sharp Rise in Dangerous Hoax Calls


Report: Elon Musk’s SpaceX May Be Building Spy Satellites for U.S. Government


‘That’s Forbidden Love!’—Dershowitz, Turley, Graham Weigh in on ‘Rotten Justice’ in Fani Willis Case


Supreme Court Declines to Hear Lawsuit Against Texas A&M University Over Drag Show Ban


Matt Rinaldi won’t seek reelection as Texas Republican Party chair

Matt Rinaldi, leader of the Texas Republican Party, said Friday he would not seek another term…

Texas bused 100,000 immigrants to sanctuary cities, including NYC and Chicago

  Gov. Greg Abbott touted the state’s accomplishment of busing more than 100,000 immigrants from the…

German shepherd looking for quiet home with big yard after Texas rescue: Meet Dale

A New York animal rescue organization is hoping to find this German shepherd named Dale his…

Trump Attorney Rails Against Judge’s Ruling in Willis Disqualification Case


Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Houston-area developer alleging predatory practices

Colony Ridge has faced national scrutiny the past few months  

Texas sues Colony Ridge development for fraudulent real estate practi…

Residents of the Houston-area development, who were maligned by Republicans last year, have complained about the…

Migrants lacking passports must use facial recognition to board flights in U.S.

  It is not clear exactly when the change took effect.  Read More     

Biden Tries to Take Questions but Staff Cuts Him Off in Bizarre, Troubling Video


Texas counties changing national conversation on border crisis as invasion

  (The Center Square) – Three years ago this April, a small border county took a…

Trump Lawyers Argue for Dismissal of Classified Documents Case


Ruh Roh: Chuck Schumer’s 2020 Comments on Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections Come Back to Haunt Him


Gun Rights Groups Back Texas’ Invasion Defense at Mexican Border

Gun rights groups have come to the aid of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in urging…

Bella Hadid Immerses Fully In Texas Lifestyle As The Model Snatches Up Property Amid Her Relationship With Adan Banuelos

Bella Hadid is living the Texas lifestyle with her cowgirl hat on. Hadid has bought a…

Feds seize 1,250 pounds of ‘illegal fish’ in Texas waters

The U.S. Coast Guard and CBP confiscated about 1,250 pounds of illegally-caught red snapper last week.…

California Parents Outraged After School Creates Undercover LGBTQ Club


Will the Senate Vote to Ban TikTok? It’s Hard to Tell


Another lawsuit challenges Texas’ SB4 immigration law

  Another civil rights organization has filed a lawsuit challenging Texas’ controversial new immigration law SB4…

Trev Alberts leaving Nebraska to become next Texas A&M athletic director

6 News obtained an email sent by Trev Alberts to his staff at Nebraska saying that…

Governor Abbott Signs Statement Of Mutual Cooperation With The United Kingdom

Governor Greg Abbott today signed a Statement of Mutual Cooperation (SMC) with United Kingdom Secretary of…

Report: Sen. Bob Menendez Receiving Legal Defense Funding From Donors Tied to Former Terrorist Group


Senate Democrats Introduce Measure That Will Eliminate Systemic Racism Forever


New federal court rule could block Texas AG Ken Paxton, others from “judge shopping”

Paxton has repeatedly turned to single-judge divisions to block the Biden administration…  

The Number of Americans Identifying As LGBT Is Absolutely Surging


Biden White House Faces Uncomfortable Questions After Princess ‘KateGate’ Photo Editing Controversy


NASA to Send ‘Message in a Bottle’ Into Space Designed to Communicate With Extraterrestrials

In 1977 it was a golden record, now scientists are sending a “message in a bottle”…

Shocking video shows zookeepers attempting to escape gorilla enclosure at Texas zoo

In a shocking moment caught on video, two zookeepers at the Forth Worth Zoo in Texas…

Turley: Democrats ‘Bordered on Delusional’ While Questioning Special Counsel Hur


It Never Ends: U.S. Preparing for Migratory Invasion From Haiti, Pentagon Warns


Lawyers for Boeing Whistleblower and RFK Jr. Dubious About Suicide Narrative, ‘No One Can Believe It’


U.S. Supreme Court extends its block on Texas’ ‘show me your papers’ law

The court’s original stay was set to expire Wednesday. Now it extends until March 18.  

Gun Rights Groups Drawing a Bead on Illinois ‘Assault Weapons’ Law, Taking Issue to Supreme Court


GOP Targets Sanctuary Cities With New Bills in Wake of Laken Riley’s Tragic Death


Governor Abbott Hosts Australian Ambassador Rudd, German Minister Hoffmeister-Kraut In Austin

Governor Greg Abbott yesterday met with the Australian Ambassador to the United States Dr. Kevin Rudd…

‘I’m Confused’: Can Anyone Follow What These ‘Nonbinary’ and ‘Trans’ Folks Are Saying?


TikTok Video Shows What ‘Clubbing’ is Like in Tyler, Texas

You Wanna Hit the Club?  You Wanna Hit the Club? You Wanna Hit the Club? 

Libs of TikTok Claps Back at Chasten Buttigieg After He Exploits Tragic Death of Transgender Student


Chris Wray Sounds the Alarm: ISIS Ties Uncovered in US Southern Border Smuggling Operations


Here’s What Riley Gaines Said to Make Joe Rogan’s Jaw Drop


$7.3 Trillion Biden Budget Will Be DOA in Republican House


Biden Stuns People With Claim That John McCain Was His ‘Predecessor’ As His Brain Glitches Out Again


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott slams President Biden’s SOTU address

  Abbott criticized the bipartisan border bill  Read More     

Did Mitt Romney Just Ruin Katie Britt’s Chances of Being Chosen as Trump’s VP?


WATCH: Texas police wrangle dozens of goats wandering around Arlington neighborhood

Arlington, Texas, police were called to round up a herd of goats wandering through a neighborhood…