City of San Antonio to implement solar projects to expand climate and energy opportunities

SAN ANTONIO – The City of San Antonio is looking to lead the way in solar energy by installing cost-effective clean energy projects.

City leaders said the comprehensive projects expand solar infrastructure by supporting the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan.

San Antonio’s Climate Action & Adaptation Plan works to “deepen and accelerate efforts to tackle climate change and promote a sustainable future for their residents” according to the City of San Antonio.

On August 31, the City of San Antonio released a Request for Proposals (RFP) looking for opportunities to implement additional solar energy projects across up to 80 city-owned facilities, according to a news release.

The 80 city-owned sites were assessed for technical practicality by a team led by the Office of Sustainability with support from the American Cities Climate Challenge.

“Our hope is that this is a win-win opportunity: as we host new solar energy to make progress on our Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (CAAP) goals and our community further demonstrates its leadership in clean energy,” said Assistant City Manager David McCary.

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