Dad Makes Epic Halloween Yard With Giant Spider and Horror Movie to Raise Thousands For Local Hospice (LOOK)

Kieron King’s projection on the house – see more in the video below. (SWNS)

A crafty dad has transformed his family’s home in England with epic Halloween decorations, all handmade, including a lifelike giant spider—all to raise cash for charity.

Kieron King has packed the outside of the house with massive spiders, demons, and webs, to create the ultimate spooky and memorable experience.

The Halloween cogs start turning each summer, when the engineer and carpenter gets started on the display with his partner and their two kids.

“Every year I build on the last and it just gets bigger and bigger. This year we have different skeletons which I made, some rotting flesh. The giant spider is new and we’ve added an 8-foot demon.”

The idea to raise money for charity came last Halloween when people started offering money after visiting the display in Gillingham, Kent.

He could have pocketed the cash, because the extravagant creation costs a lot of money.

“The big spider probably cost me about £1000 to make ($1,100).”

Last year the family raised around $3,100 in three days for the local children’s hospice called Demelza. This year they are determined to do even better—and have set up a Just Giving page hoping to beat last year’s total.

Kieron King and his family (SWNS)

And, this year, free of COVID fears, the staff plans on bringing some of the children from Demelza to visit the spooky house.

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As well as dressing up the house, the 37-year-old always wears a costume, and he chose the iconic Hagrid character this year—going ‘above’ and beyond.

“The outfit is 100 percent handmade. The trousers and the waistcoat are made of curtains I found in the loft.”

Even more impressive, he is also wearing two-foot stilts, so he is Hagrid’s height of 8’2″—and he started practicing walking on them in the garden over the summer.

“My sister is coming up tomorrow and is dressing as Bellatrix Lestrange, so all the Harry Potter fans are going to love it.”

Kieron King as Hagrid alongside his handmade spider (SWNS)

He says the whole thing is really an activity for the kids.

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“I have always enjoyed fancy dress parties and stuff, so I have lots of outfits, so when Halloween came around at the time my kids were at the right sort of age, we all got together and started decorating the house.”

“Everything I have made here the kids have helped out with.”

If you visit the destination, watch out for King’s nephew who is on ‘scare duty’, hiding in plain sight, ready to jump out at unsuspecting visitors.

“We have a scream counter. Last year we had 13 people cry out and that includes adults. We are currently up to four and we are hoping for a few more. I think we can definitely beat 13.”


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The family hopes that the house can provide some joy, excitement—and screams—for Halloween.

“I really enjoy it. It’s what I look forward to every year. When I see all the kids come round—and my kids helping out—it’s so worth it.”

Mr King is already thinking about the next gruesome surprise he can come up with for next year, and he is open to suggestions.

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