Ex Vox ‘Journalist’ Aaron Rupar Gets Laid Low With Facts by Matt Taibbi and It’s a Thing of Beauty
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I’m a big fan of Aaron Rupar. Aaron is 39 years old, a self-described freelance journalist who formally did his “journalisming” for Vox.Com. He’s made his bones critiquing and criticizing Donald Trump and anything related to conservatives or a conservative issue. He’s also an absolute master of stepping on rakes. Aaron hasn’t missed a rake in his long career of mostly mean-posting or posting videos on Twitter claiming something that is true when it’s verifiably false. Aaron might have developed a callus on his ample forehead that allows him to ignore his multiple missteps into Bigboyland.

In 2021, when the Vice President was tweeting not about the reason for Memorial Day but entreating us to “enjoy the long weekend,” Fox News noted the incongruity between Harris’ flip comment and her official position. How did our rake champ note her flub? By tweeting about Fox News and attempting to mock Fox’s… inconsistency?

The difference was obvious, the first tweet was reporting a story about a clueless sitting Veep. The second was a non-government news site producing a patriotic photo. Aaron couldn’t see the difference, through the rake on his face.

In November 2022, Rupar got his panties in a bunch after a retired producer, Mike Sington, posted a video from a Hershel Walker speech. The clip has an “OAN” tag in the bottom left. Aaron had posted the same video (that he didn’t shoot or produce) and got mad at Sington. Sington apologized (why is another question). Aaron’s panties were still in a bunch, so he responded thusly:

Rupar got raked. Not the “Did I step on another rake, Mom?” type; rather he got owned by vets. “Thank you for your service of….watching cable TV,” tweeted U.S. Marine and Townhall writer Julio Rosas. Rosas was joined by hundreds of vets to body-slam Aaron.

To be clear, the only battles that Rupar has ever been in are multiple attacks on ham sandwiches. Claiming that Sington should have used his tweet and retweeted it and claiming to not do so was “stolen valor” is like Aaron claiming he looks like Brad Pitt and anyone who doesn’t agree is blind.

Aaron was suspended from Twitter in December 2022. Why is unclear. I wasn’t pleased with his suspension. I looked forward to his unintentional comedy and frankly, I had it on good authority that one cannot be suspended for stupidity so I was surprised to see him go. Stupidity is a staple of Twitter. If you don’t believe me, wait until this article posts on that hellscape.

Anyway, after Aaron had a good cry in the corner, he was let back on Twitter. He didn’t waste any time getting back into “Step on a Rake” mode.

In March, Matt Taibbi gave compelling congressional testimony regarding how the past overlords at Twitter worked with government entities and how those now-fired suppressors of speech had used Twitter to support their agendas and biases. Although there were plenty of highlights of abject ignorance and unintended comical questions from lawmakers, Aaron hadn’t stepped on a rake in days so, by goodness, it was time to make a fool of himself. Aaron stepped up his game.

Because Taibbi is an actual journalist, he responded with his facts. And even Twitter added a disclaimer to Aaron’s post telling the reader, in gentler terms that Aaron had stepped on another rake and – well, this is a lie. I think Aaron likes the attention — like a child having a tantrum. It makes him feel like an actual journalist. He’s not. He’s a clown.

This morning, the guy who seems to be as athletic as my dead grandmother, mocked Ron DeSantis for throwing a baseball. Remember when the left had a collective orgasm over Obama and his “hoops” skills? I do. Remember when the New Yorker wrote this while quoting Obama leg-humper Alex Wolff? I do.

Alexander Wolff, a longtime writer for Sports Illustrated, argues that basketball has been a “touchstone” in Obama’s “exercise of the power of the presidency,” and that he has used it “more often and more effectively than any previous president had used any sport.” It was a campaign tool during Obama’s first run for the Presidency: scenes of him playing basketball on the trail highlighted his youthful vigor and, as Wolff writes, “undermined Republican efforts to portray Obama as foreign, suspicious, or someone who ‘pals around with terrorists.’ “

I also remember when Obama missed about 30 shots in a row, and the journos decided that wasn’t worthy of mocking. By the way, DeSantis was a D1 baseball player but no matter, he’s DeSantis.

I pray each day that Aaron is never banned from Twitter. Aaron and Keith Olbermann belong there. I need the daily laugh.


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