Family seeks justice after 80-year-old loved one attacked, left for dead

SAN ANTONIO – A dinner run left an 80-year-old man fighting for his life after he was attacked and carjacked on the North Side, according to San Antonio Police,

Larry Brister was attacked near Bitters Road and Walker Ranch on Saturday night.

“It makes me sick in my stomach. We have been married 55 years, and he is the kindest man. And for that to happen — I need my Larry,” said Sandra Brister, Larry Brister’s wife.

Sandra Brister and her daughter, Mandy Kohutek, said they aren’t sure if Larry fought back or why he was beaten. He has no recollection of the events.

“The trauma — his face was just black and blue,” said Kohutek.

Sandra Brister added, “A number of head injuries, a broken shoulder — his ribs are broken, and his lungs collapsed. He has skin off his arm and his leg.”

Kohutek said witnesses saw her dad fall from his white F-250 pickup. They said the suspect took off in the truck.

The witnesses then went to the 80-year-old’s aid and called first responders.

“There was three women, and then one gentleman — one of our former Spurs players — and they prayed over him,” Kohutek said.

Sandra Brister added, “(They) coddled his head, which was bleeding severely.”

The family did not name the former Spurs player for his privacy. They added that without the help of those in the area, Larry Brister would likely not be here today.

“We see his personality here and there, but not enough. He comments. He’ll say something funny every now and then,” said Sandra Brister.

As for Larry Brister’s recovery, he is currently still in the ICU. Doctors want to move him to acute care soon and hopefully have him in six to eight weeks.

At this time, SAPD has not arrested anyone in this case.


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