February 2021: Roar of the Crowd

February 2021: Roar of the Crowd

“¡Viva Jerry Jeff!,” December 2020.Dub Steps In his essay citing recent works that explore the life of George W. Bush and family [“Miss Him Yet?,” October 2020], SMU history professor Andrew R. Graybill shows no interest in primary sources about a subject he professes to know a lot about. Citing various books and a documentary, he quotes journalists, talking heads, and a novelist about the Iraq “debacle” and the “false pretexts” that sent the country to war. None of these sources had direct experience. Yet, when he had the opportunity to take in firsthand accounts of soldiers who actually fought in the war, which accompanied their portraits, painted by the president who made the decision to send them, Graybill didn’t find time to see the exhibit. “Portraits of Courage,”…View Original Post

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