Four boat ramps at Canyon Lake closed due to dropping lake level

Four boat ramps at Canyon Lake are closed as the water level continues to drop.

The Comal County Public Information Office said that three of nine county boat ramps recently closed as the lake level stands at 903.55 feet. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed its boat ramp No. 10 on Wednesday night, according to the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung.

The lake is 88.6% full — down by .6% a week ago and by 3.2% a month ago, according to Water Data for Texas.

The following county boat ramps are closed:

Canyon Lake Forest, Ramp #5: Closed at 905.80 feet.Canyon Lake Hills at Astro Hills, Ramp #7: Closed at 904.76 feet.Canyon Lake Shores, Ramp #22: Closed at 903.87 feet.

The county ramps that are open but close to closure include:

Mystic Shores, Ramp #23: 903.31 feet (estimated closure level).Cypress Cove, Ramp #11: 901.60 feet (estimated closure level).

To see the levels for all of the county ramps, click here.

Records from Water Data for Texas show that the lake level has been on a steady decline since the winter months.

One year ago, the lake was 95.2% full, or at 906.78 feet.

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