Head for the Cure 5K, S?clov?a to take place this weekend. Here’s what to expect on the roads

SAN ANTONIO – There will be several road closures taking place through the weekend due to the 9th Annual Head For the Cure 5K Run/Walk and S?clov?a. Here is where you can expect to see some road closures in the downtown area.

The Head For the Cure Run/Walk will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Sep. 24. Here is a look at the route:

On Sunday, Sept. 25, expect to see several road closures taking place for S?clov?a. They can be found here:

S?clov?a is a free event held on Sundays where major city streets become a safe place for people to play. Families can run, ride bikes & take exercise classes! (KSAT)

And although there will be certain roads blocked off, the following streets will be open to cross traffic:

Jones Ave. /N. Alamo St. (Northbound)
Avenue B / Brooklyn Ave.
Brooklyn Ave. / N. St. Mary’s St.
Augusta St. / McCullough Ave.
W. Quincy St. / E. Quincy St. / Lexington Ave.
E. Elmira St. / Lexington Ave.
W. Cypress St. / E. Cypress St. / N. Main Ave.
E. Ashby St. /W. Ashby St. / N. Main Ave. (Northbound)


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