Here Are 3 Ways You Can Celebrate Juneteenth

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Celebrate Juneteenth

With Juneteenth here, the country commemorates the day slaves in Texas learned about their emancipation. There are a variety of ways you can celebrate Juneteenth. 

Learn More About Black History

Juneteenth was first celebrated here in Texas, in its birthplace of Galveston, in the 1860s. Learning more about the holiday as well as Black culture and history is a perfect way to observe it To start, you can read some books about Juneteenth or Black history. Stories such as “On Juneteenth” by Annette Gordon-Reed or “The Warmth of Other Suns” by Isabel Wilkerson shed light on the history of slavery in America—and its end. Watching documentaries like “A History of Black Achievement in America” are also great ways to celebrate Juneteenth.

Attend an Event 

From parades to festivals, options abound for you to observe the holiday. What’s more, many events give you the opportunity to support Black-owned businesses or food services. The Texas Observer had the opportunity of speaking to Kimberly Holiday, the first Black woman elected to the Pflugerville City Council and the master of ceremonies for the Stay Black & Live festival in Austin, Texas. 

“I think it’s important for our community [to come together] so that we never forget our history, and so that we can continue to tell the story and to give meaning to our celebrations,” Holiday. said “[We] can have a barbeque and listen to some music. It’s about culture and we wanna keep that alive.”

Have An Outdoor Cookout

Celebrate Juneteenth with your loved ones with a cookout. If you do decide to plan a cookout, make sure you incorporate red food or drinks, which represent the sacrifice made by slaves from the past. 

Juneteenth not only serves as a time to come together with our community, family, and friends but as a commemoration of when slaves were freed from one of America’s darkest parts in history. This year, you can spend Juneteenth learning about Black history, going to an event, or spending time with your loved ones at your own home.

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