“I’m happy he didn’t come in and is scared…” Chimy’s manager responds to comments concerning crowds “hanging on each other”

“I’m happy he didn’t come in and is scared…” Chimy’s manager responds to comments concerning crowds “hanging on each other”

Chimy’s – College Station appears to be serving a busy house and patio tonight now that Texas restaurants have been allowed to open dining rooms at greatly reduced capacities. The employees we photographed were not wearing masks. Neither were any patrons we photographed. For our safety we did not leave our vehicle in an area with so many unmasked people. 

When we posted the preceding on Facebook along with photos of crowds not social distancing, a reader posted the following comment: “I was not gonna try and go inside. That’s not a clean place, I got a kid at home I don’t need to bring anything back but I did drive by and everyone was hanging on each other so that was enough for me not to check it out.”

In response Chimy’s manager Petro Robledo commented: “I’m happy he didn’t come in and is scared to bring things home to their children. But again not everyone has children or immune compromised individuals at their homes, therefore everyone has a choice of not going places. No where do I say people had to come in and eat lunch. But again I appreciate everyone’s concern.”

Robledo made several comments on the post, including the following comment which chastens the Reporter for not walking through a crowd of unmasked customers and employees near the front door to take a look inside. Apparently, once inside, they require social distancing and staff wear masks: “Pictures were taken from outside the establishment about 100 feet from the door. Nothing showed the extra precautions everyone inside were taking. We hired an extra cleaning crew, took extra sanitation precautions, installed plexiglass to separate employees, employees were required to wear gloves and masks inside, sanitizer stations were installed and in place, hand sanitizer was provided before you enter, we took out tables and only had enough seats to meet the 25% requirement. Everyone’s opinion is based on the picture of people waiting to get in the establishment. That sir is how stories are made up.”

We checked Chimy’s most recent health inspection score to get a better gauge on how seriously they take customer safety. They did pass their inspection with an 83/100 score.

Source: Brazos Reporter

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