‘I’m just not ready yet’: Sen. Gutierrez says he won’t move on from Uvalde tragedy until families get answers

Despite having received multiple requests to move on and discuss more “feel-good” issues, Sen. Roland Gutierrez said he isn’t going to stop fighting for answers for Uvalde families.

It has been nearly three months since the massacre at Robb Elementary School that claimed 21 lives.

The senator has since been demanding answers and accountability from state leaders, agencies and law enforcement on the botched shooting response.

In a Twitter video on Friday, Gutierrez said despite hearing that others may feel ready to move on from the tragedy, he isn’t quite there yet.

“Over the last few weeks, we started to hear from people that want us to kind of move on to some different issues, to start talking about some feel-good stuff that’s happening in the district,” Gutierrez said. “Personally, I’m not there. Mentally, I’m not quite there… I’m gonna keep fighting for some answers on Uvalde.”

This comes just days after a state judge ruled on a lawsuit filed by the senator against the Texas Department of Public Safety, hoping to secure records related to the shooting.

On Wednesday, the Travis County judge decided that, at least for now, DPS can keep its records private, claiming that Gutierrez “had not properly filed his request under the Texas Public Information Act.”

Therefore, DPS was not obligated to fulfill the request.

“There’s no way you just need a lawsuit to get a state agency to answer honest questions in a meaningful way. There’s no way that we live in a space where a district attorney claims that she has an investigation, and we may not get the answers for two to three years, until she makes her final decisions. That isn’t fair to these families,” he said.

Gutierrez said he plans to continue fighting in court, in the Senate and will “scream from the rafters” to help Uvalde families affected by the tragedy.

“I’m not gonna move away from this issue. Not now, not ever,” Gutierrez said. “I’m just not ready yet.”

I am going to keep fighting for answers in Uvalde.

I am going to keep fighting for a special session.

I am going to keep fighting to hold Greg Abbott and everyone involved accountable.

We must get these weapons of war off the streets and keep our kids safe. pic.twitter.com/DeQYpJUl68

— Senator Roland Gutierrez (@RolandForTexas) August 12, 2022