‘I’m kind of nervous and excited’: East Central ISD students return to class, with renewed enthusiasm

Monday was the first day of school for several more school districts in the San Antonio area, and that included the East Central Independent School District.

“I’m kind of nervous and excited,” Alexis Salinas, a sixth grader at East Central ISD’s Legacy Middle School said.

Alexis had first day jitters, but she said with her eighth grade sister Adyson by her side, it keeps her calm and helps to navigate the new schedule changes that come with being in middle school.

”The biggest change is that last year, we only had one teacher and this year we have a lot of teachers, so that’s what I’m excited about,” Alexis said.

Legacy Middle School Social Studies teacher Lizzie McLane was giving out advice to students who might nervous on their first day, telling them to remember to breathe.

She said the first week is all about getting to know the students and making them feel comfortable.

”Ask yourself, what do I need to be successful?” McLane said. “We make sure to build those lessons in our social emotional learning curriculum and then also making sure that we take the time as teachers if a student is kind of in a crisis making sure we can help them, comfort them and get them what they need.”

Principal of Legacy Middle School Lori Barber said the school district’s priority this year is safety of the students. They are in constant communication with parents.

She said the district has made sure all campuses are secured.

”The district also did an audit this summer of all the schools, checked all the exterior doors, made sure they were all functional and working, so we put a lot of new measures in place,” Barber said.

Alexis and Adyson ‘s mom said safety is always a concern for parents, but overall she feels good about her girls going back to school.

”There’s always that small worry just having the announcement being made, and how safety is a priority I’m feeling pretty confident and at ease,” she said.

The district wants to remind students that this year all meals are free. Breakfast and lunches will be served during the week.

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