Kamala Booed at March Madness Game, Her ‘Pep Talk’ Is Full-On Cringe

We covered a bit of a controversy that swept the internet on Thursday — what was that guy doing behind Kamala Harris, who was watching her alma mater, Howard, take on Kansas in Des Moines, Iowa, for March Madness? Harris was at the game with her husband, Doug Emhoff.

Harris was intently focused on the game when it appeared like a guy was sniffing behind her in a Joe Biden-like fashion. My colleague Sister Toldjah explained how this was just an odd camera position and the guy was leaning in to listen/interact with a woman who was standing behind Kamala, which you could see from a wider-shot video.

However, things didn’t go well for Kamala Harris while she was there. First, her team got blown out in the game, 96-68. According to multiple reports, when Kamala’s picture was put up on the Jumbotron during the game, she was booed. Even the AP admitted that the boos outnumbered the cheers.

It matches her unpopularity in polls. It’s one of those things that always enters into the thoughts of people who think that Joe Biden should step down — but Kamala is pretty bad too and there’s even been speculation about her being replaced on the ticket.

But Harris wasn’t finished yet at the game. After her team got crushed, she went down to speak to the Howard Bison in the locker room after the game and gave them a pep talk. If there’s anything that a team doesn’t want to hear after they’ve lost badly, it’s probably Kamala Harris. Why torture them more? But that didn’t stop her.


“You guys are so good, you guys are so good,” Harris said as she met the team and gave them a round of applause. “You played hard, you played to the very last second, you made all us Bisons so, so proud.”

“You are smart. You are disciplined. You put everything you had into the game,” Harris said. “And you know that’s what it’s about, right. Until the last minute, you guys did that, you didn’t stop until the last second, you did not stop, and that is so inspiring. So you keep playing with chin up and shoulders back because you showed the world who Bison are.” [….]

“You make us so proud, so I know you might not be feeling great right now, OK, but know who you are: You are excellence, you are hard work, you are powerful and you are winners,” she said before offering a tour of the White House to the group of young men.

Harris did that thing where she sounds like she’s talking to five-year-olds again. she always sounds so condescending when she talks to people. These are college men, Kamala. They probably feel disappointed enough, they don’t have to be spoken to like children. Talk about cringy.

The only thing you can say is that she isn’t doing it deliberately to them, she does it to every audience that she speaks to. I don’t know whether she doesn’t know how to speak normally to people or whether she just thinks she’s better/more intelligent than everyone else, but it just comes off wrong every time.

It’s going to be fun to see her in a debate against the Republican candidate, she’s gotten wiped out in debates. That is if they have one and don’t just hide in the basement again.


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