Lucky the dog reunited with owner after he left home, strolled Lackland AFB without notice

This is a story about Lucky, the lucky dog.

Animal Care Services said Lucky, a senior golden retriever, was reunited with his owner after he apparently left his home — without notice — and was found wandering Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland Air Force Base.

Now ACS is using him as a good example of why all pets should be microchipped.

On Friday, Aug. 5, someone at Lackland called ACS and reported that the dog was roaming around the base.

“One look at this freshly groomed senior pup, and our team knew he had a family missing him,” ACS said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

ACS took Lucky to their facilities and scanned him for a microchip. They learned the dog belonged to a man identified by ACS as Mr. Y.

When they called him to tell him they found his pooch, Mr. Y was sure ACS was wrong.

“You have the wrong number; my dog is in the house with me,” he told ACS, according to the post.

ACS explained that Lucky was registered to him and described the dog as freshly groomed, well-mannered and a senior.

Mr. Y then responded, “HONEY! SOMEONE LET THE DOG OUT.”

ACS said he immediately left his home to pick up Lucky.

Lucky’s adventure lasted nearly two hours, from the time ACS picked him up to the time he was reunited with his owner.

“Losing your pet is scary and nerve-racking. Lucky for Lucky, he wasn’t even missing long enough for his family to notice,” ACS said. “This is all thanks to Mr. Y ensuring Lucky was microchipped and registered with up-to-date contact information.”

ACS said all pets in San Antonio must be microchipped and registered with up-to-date contact information. To schedule an appointment to get free microchipping, click here.

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