Navigating the Memorial Day traffic rush in Texas

A recent study by shows the lone star state is the deadliest when it comes to traffic fatalities for the weekend.

Are you one of the 37 million people planning to travel by car for Memorial Day weekend?

Well if that’s you, it’s important to note: a new study from insurance saving app Jerry shows Texas is the deadliest state when it comes to traffic fatalities for the weekend. It averages of 462 deaths each year from 2012 to 2021. 

It’s also home to three of the top ten deadliest cities to drive in over the holiday weekend: 

# 1) Houston: 38 traffic fatalities per year

# 2) Dallas: 33 traffic fatalities per year

# 6) San Antonio: 25 traffic fatalities per year

AAA is encouraging drivers to stay off the roads overnight Friday and all day Saturday. 

Data from the organization shows the deadliest day of memorial day weekend overall is Saturday, but Friday night sees the most fatalities per hour. 

AAA Texas says the best time to leave town is Thursday before 1 p.m.

But if you haven’t left yet, try to leave before noon Friday.  

The *worst* time to travel is between 3 and 6 p.m., on both days.

You may run into a little traffic on Saturday and Sunday, but it should be manageable.

Of course we want you to celebrate, but please be safe when you do! 

The study by Jerry shows alcohol was involved in 61 percent of all fatal crashes when a blood alcohol content test was given. 

And slow down – If you want to get somewhere on time, give yourself enough time to get there! 

According to that study, speeding was involved in a third of fatal crashes. 

And of course, try to keep a cool head behind the wheel as you make your way to and from your destination.  

We see plenty of road rage here in North Texas, and it sometimes takes peoples lives.

Try to avoid conflict on the road by giving yourself enough time to make it there, and being courteous to others. 

If you have to honk, use little taps instead of long blows. 

Please enjoy the time you spend this weekend unofficially marking the beginning of summer, and stay safe!

As always, if you have a traffic concern in your area, you can email us here.


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