New U.S. Citizen From Cuba Celebrates ‘First Paycheck in America’ in Viral Video-WATCH

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A video of a recent Cuban immigrant celebrating his first paycheck as a UPS driver has gone viral in celebration of his accomplishment, and of the American dream at large.

Yoel Diaz kissed the perforated paper in an Instagram video shot by his wife, Marissa Diaz, who has been documenting some of Yoel’s experiences since coming to America.

“In Cuba, you would get a paycheck, and you know you never improve,” Yoel Diaz told Fox News Digital in a statement in Spanish, which his wife translated to English.

“It would be the same. This time, I finally can dream—I can help my family and this is the first step in my new life where I can be whoever I want now.”

The handsome 37-year-old worked as a professor in Cuba, where his equivalent pay was around $13 an hour, less than what he now makes as a seasonal UPS driver in Arizona.

He come to the country under a K-1 Visa, and got authority to work in the country with a Social Security number.

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The video of his celebrations went viral, garnering 3 million view. One commentator expounded that it was “so refreshing to see his joy in the mundane aspects of American life that too many of us take for granted.”

At a certain point, his wife points out “look at the taxes,” to which Yoel responds, “I prefer this to Fidel. Fidel took more. Communism took more.”

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