No, Austin Won’t Become Silicon Valley 2.0

No, Austin Won’t Become Silicon Valley 2.0

Austin as silicon hillsOn the heels of last month’s remarkable migration of tech industry capital from California’s Bay Area to Austin, including an official relocation by $180 billion software company Oracle Corporation and a more-than-likely move by $140 billion man and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, two popular narratives have taken shape. Both got Austinites of all sorts worked up, whether jolly or jittery, over the holiday season. The two stories, however, share the same flaw: a facile comparison of two sharply different contexts and cities. The first emerging narrative, favored by champions of Austin’s growth and fans of the state’s dominant low-tax, anti-regulatory economic philosophy, holds that California’s business environment has declined as a result of liberal mismanagement and intellectual conformism. Texas is swooping in to offer a…View Original Post

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