Some positive news from our Legislature

The Texas Legislature is filing a flurry of bills right now that do so many negative things in our community, from striking down bodily autonomy to intervening in family affairs regarding the health care of youth.

Lots of negativity. Today though I want to talk about some positive bills, specifically a set of bills that serve to empower and create equity in health care for queer individuals.

SB439 by state Sen. Jos? Men?ndez and HB1679 by state Rep. Ana Hernandez both seek to ban conversion therapy.

You know, conversion therapy, the use of negative feedback to somehow change who someone is.

It ostensibly is used to help those with non-straight sexual orientations be “normal.” It is a real problem in Texas and too many young adults attending Texas A&M University have a history of this kind of therapy to “make the gay go away.” It doesn’t work; all it does it cause trauma. Congrats to Men?ndez and Hernandez for working on this important issue.

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Also, thank you to state Rep. Terry Meza, who has introduced HB496 to prohibit the coverage of conversion therapy by health plan benefits.

Having what some would call “woke” elected officials (which really just means elected officials who do the research and do the job of actually representing all of their constituents as well as solid science and sound policy) is important. Thank you today for the efforts of Men?ndez, Hernandez, and Meza.

And whatever age you are, a youth being attacked for coming out as yourself, or someone older taking the time later in life to realize yourself, I got your back. I will stand by you. You are awesome just the way you are.

KATRINA STEWART, executive director

Pride Community Center

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