South Side boutique, community members help family rebuild after home destroyed by fire

A South Side boutique, alongside community members, is helping a family of seven rebuild their lives after they lost their home in a fire.

The San Antonio Fire Department said lightning struck the home Thursday and damaged nearly everything inside.

“From the outside of the home, you would not think it looks the way it does on the inside. It’s pretty bad,” homeowner Erica Saucedo said.

Since then, the Saucedo family has been trying to manage their living situation while insurance agents work to help.

Without asking, people throughout San Antonio began sharing school supplies, monetary donations and clothing.

“Maybe because our culture, we carry ourselves, you know, with the high pride and, you know, you don’t ask for help,” Saucedo said. “Then the next thing I knew, somebody had posted on Facebook that they’re not going to ask for help. So we are. And word started spreading and word started spreading.”

Marianita’s, a boutique on the South Side, wanted to join in and support one of its loyal customers. Owner Marianna Espinosa-Munoz said she is collecting clothes and monetary donations at her store in Nogalitos.

“It hurts me, you know, seeing that the kids go back to school Monday and, you know, they have nothing. They have been left with nothing. You know, it’s hard,” Espinosa-Munoz said.

While the family works to get back on their feet, they’re thankful to have the support of the community.

“There are other good people out there. So it’s very overwhelming to see community to come together and help us out,” Saucedo said.

Next Saturday, two plate sales are going on to support the Saucedo family.

Marianita’s will have a turkey leg sale and you can find those details on its Facebook page.

Another plate sale will benefit the Saucedos’ at Rubens tamale parking lot starting at noon next Saturday.

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