South Side woman seeks justice after man exposes himself on her front porch

A South Side woman is seeking justice after a man walked onto her front porch, exposed himself, and touched himself inappropriately in July.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the man has not been arrested.

“I was just completely grossed out, like, it was really gross. I was kind of panicked,” she said.

The man committed his acts blocks away from an elementary school, just before 10 at night.

The woman said multiple cars drove past and people were still walking the street as he was on her porch.

“I watched on my phone and saw that he had left the second time, and I didn’t know where he went. I had never seen him before. I didn’t know if he had followed me, or how he knew I was home, or how he knew a female lived here,” the woman told KSAT.

San Antonio police said there wasn’t an investigation open regarding the woman’s claim. However, the incident was documented.

An SAPD public information officer issued the following statement:

“There could be a variety reasons why this CFS (call for service) was not issued a case number. Those reasons vary from the complainant not wanting to press charges, to the officer believing there was not enough elements of offense to meet the criteria of Lewd Conduct. I was not there, so I would not know.”

The woman said officers never asked her if she wanted to press charges.

“They never asked for the evidence that I had. I had to take it upon myself to call the police officer the next day to give my evidence. The fact that they’re not looking into it is even more frustrating,” she said.

So far this year, there have been 3,513 calls for lewd conduct. That number is up from this time last year in the same period when there were 3,220 calls for lewd conduct.

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