The ‘Luck of the Irish’ is Real: Residents of Ireland Report More Good Fortune and Lucky Charms

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A new poll showed the ‘luck of the Irish’ may be a real thing—with residents of Ireland reporting a greater prevalence of good fortune.

The survey revealed that those living on the Emerald Isle may actually experience more luck—tallying an average of 40 fortunate moments every year, nearly 10 percent more than people in the rest of the UK.

Irish folks are also more likely to describe themselves as lucky, with nearly half (49%) believing they’re blessed, compared to 40 percent elsewhere.

The poll also found 66% of UK adults believe they are due a bit of good luck in their lives.

Overall, one in four (25%) admitted they don’t truly know the meaning of luck—and think it’s too hard to define.

A spokesperson for, which commissioned the lucky-in-life quiz to celebrate its Irish Lotto draw this St Patrick’s Day, admitted that luck is ‘a strange concept.’

“Most people question whether it really exists (but) some people certainly seem luckier than others—something our lotto winners would attest to.”

Respondents in the survey were asked if they considered anything to be their lucky charm—whether it was wearing lucky socks or finding a four-leaf clover.

To increase their chances of good fortune, 23% of UK adults say they’ve embraced a lucky charm, but a full 38% of Irish respondents have.

Lucky numbers, special bracelets, and coins are popular on both sides of the Irish sea—but, interestingly, the Celtic people were actually less likely to opt for a four-leaf clover.

A quarter of respondents consider good health something to be thankful for, as it can often be decided by luck.

On the other side of the coin, a belief in bad luck is held by Irish adults at a 17% higher rate than people from the UK (67% compared to 50%).

Furthermore, 57 percent of those polled from the Republic of Ireland have experienced beginner’s luck—doing something well on their first try—compared to only 36 percent of people in England, Wales, Scotland, according to the Onepoll data.

“The question is, do you have to be born in Ireland to enjoy that luck, or can you simply move to Dublin or Galway, and enjoy a boost to your fortunes,” quipped the Lottoland spokesperson.


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