Who Is the New ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ for, Anyway?

Who Is the New ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ for, Anyway?

Walker, Texas Ranger reboot with Jared PadeleckiWhen the original Walker, Texas Ranger debuted in 1993, it became an immediate hit within the key demographic of my best friend’s dad. A limited connoisseur of television, he had a viewing palette consisting primarily of COPS and America’s Funniest Home Videos; he loved seeing a perp chased and tackled as much as he loved a good kick to the crotch. So when a show finally came along that combined the best of both—marrying the binary sense of morality of the former to the grievous injuries of the latter—he was in prime-time heaven. Ensconced behind his TV tray, he drank his beer, smoked his Marlboros, and howled as Chuck Norris’s boots sent cartel gangsters, cattle rustlers, and assorted kidnappers through window after window after window.…View Original Post

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