A Big Showdown Over DEI Is About to Happen As Interest Groups Gear Up to Fight a President Trump


If there’s one thing that tells me the left isn’t sure about the Democrats’ chances in November, it’s the fact that special interest groups are already gearing up to fight back against decisions and policies that the once and likely future Trump administration will enact. 


According to Axios, Trump’s old enemy, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), is looking into building up their case against Trump to protect Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies laid down by the Biden administration. The ACLU is also going to have this plan in place to help the Biden administration solidify DEI laws further should he win, but as it stands, the concern seems to be on, what looks like, the inevitable reappearance of Trump in the White House. 

“A second Trump administration threatens to altogether stop enforcement of civil rights on behalf of individuals from historically marginalized groups,” said the ACLU in a memo

“As was the case in the prior Trump administration, litigation and regulatory advocacy will be indispensable for both stymying these threats and advancing an affirmative vision of racial justice,” the memo continues.

The Trump administration already sent out a warning shot about DEI jobs in the government, stating that “all staff, offices, and initiatives connected to Biden’s un-American policy will be immediately terminated.”

This caused the leftists in the ACLU to squawk all the usual buzzwords about the oncoming terror of racism from the White House. 

“Trump plans to intensify efforts to eradicate DEI programming and inclusive education, banning books and censoring curricula on race, gender, and the lived experiences and contributions of marginalized groups in classrooms,” said the ACLU’s senior policy counsel Kim Conway. 


But Trump won’t be fighting this battle against the ACLU alone. In fact, the ACLU has its work cut out for it as its opponents will include America First Legal, which already has racked up victories against DEI policies. Another hurdle will be The Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025” which aims to help a second Trump administration end “affirmative discrimination.” 

“As a civil rights organization, America First Legal and its Center for Legal Equality will vigorously pursue legal action against entities and institutions perpetuating woke fascist bigotry against our fellow citizens. And we have a launched a hotline so that Americans in need of pro bono legal services to vindicate their rights can reach us to seek out help,” said former Trump advisor and America First Legal President Stephen Miller back in 2023.

So far, Miller has upheld his warning to officials and CEOs alike that there is “no place to hide” when it comes to DEI. 

This is bad news for the ACLU, as Republicans are typically on the defensive when it comes to socio-political issues. However, the tide seems to be turning in that regard and the ACLU will have to contend with a very hyperactive and aggressive network of legal activists looking to take down racist DEI policies wherever they find them. 


And to be sure, DEI is very, very racist. 

It’s billed to the public as a way to even the playing field for people of color in a system where white people are privileged and overrepresented. What it actually is, is a concept that forces businesses, government bodies, and universities to discriminate against white people — specifically white males — in everything from their hiring practices to who they promote. 

As a solid example, James O’Keefe recently stung a Disney exec who spoke openly about Disney’s supposed racist policies, noting that Disney wasn’t going to hire or promote any white men for certain positions. This resulted in America First Legal taking action against Disney

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Trump’s efforts against DEI will be wide-reaching but necessary for the survival of the republic. DEI is corrosive by nature, substituting merit and skill over identity and race in an effort to combat what the left sees as unfairness in a society geared toward white people. This has caused monumental problems, the two most notable have been its effect on the airline industry and its effect on the White House, as Kamal Harris was something of a DEI hire

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All that said, the left isn’t going to give up DEI without a protracted and bloody fight. It is one of the most effective means of control the left has ever had over society, especially corporations. DEI is used as a method to get people they approve of into positions of influence and power, which they then use to turn the corporation or business into a mouthpiece for their cause. 

Trump will have a massive fight ahead of him, but the momentum is on his side. The ACLU will be fighting on the back foot as DEI will be under attack from many different angles and from many different sources. 

The sooner it dies, the better.