A Tragic Time for America, Screwed Up by the Master of Screw-Ups, Joseph R. Biden


The United States has endured numerous sad events coming up on our 248th birthday next month. The deadliest ones – like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor – came from outside forces attacking the Homeland.

This one is homemade, the manufactured felony trial and conviction of a former Republican president and current political opponent that Democrats fear they can’t beat legitimately. It’s a pathetic, Third-World tactic concocted by a small band of desperate people who’ve been trying to get Donald Trump for years. 

It is an unprecedented perversion of justice by a baldly partisan alliance of people figure-headed by an immoral president corrupted by fear of losing the power to abuse power and weaken the country he vowed to protect. 

“Lawfare” is an insufficiently evil word to describe this strategy.

Back when he was funny, Woody Allen once said, “Mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.”

We do, in my opinion, face an imperfect choice here this year. To use another Allen phrase, this election is a match made in Heaven by a retarded angel.

Both choices ahead — Joseph Biden or Trump — bring with them serious dangers.

Until the last few days, the realistic choice for president was between two old men deeply flawed in different ways.

Donald Trump is way too full of himself, as successful wealthy people can become given the power of large sums of money and the deference it demands from others. 

All presidents need an ego so large that it won’t fit inside their armored limo. They need it to think they could lead a diverse nation of 330 million and, in effect, the Free World. And Trump’s ego is right up there, for sure. 

The tradeoff with him, however, comes from his numerous policy successes – energy independence, rebuilding the military, crushing ISIS, conservative judicial appointments, ardently supporting Israel, deftly planting uncertainty in the minds of adversaries, among many. You’ll note Putin’s territorial ambitions halted for Trump’s four years.

Trump possesses an amazing strength of endurance to shoulder the relentless hoaxes, attacks, and charges from TDS opponents who truly despise him for upsetting the sure-fire inherited insertion of Hillary Clinton to the White House. 

Trump Derangement Syndrome is very real and virulent in their brains, which Trump has inhabited for years.

I get why Trump hits back. He’s had so much thrown at him. If he could have just kept his eye on the long game and possessed a hefty dose more self-discipline of the mouth and texting fingers, with his bounteous policy successes, he could definitely have been one of the great modern presidents, easily reelected on merit.

I also get why so many supporters stick with Trump no matter what. He did not keep all his campaign promises, but he sure kept way more than most of either party. And why, seeing photos of his stoic face in that courtroom engenders an unexpected reaction even among critics.

With their four synchronized legal cases designed to cripple Trump’s 2024 campaign, Biden, his unidentified leakers, Soros flunkey DA Alvin Bragg, and that Biden donor who doesn’t deserve the title of Judge, have accomplished what no one else could: 

They have now turned the familiarly brash Donald Trump into a sympathetic figure for millions more American voters. As a result, this pack of unprincipled operatives may reap the electoral whirlwind come November — I hope.

As the astute Ben Domenech points out:

It’s been branded a hush-money trial, but it isn’t — it’s a business expense categorization trial, claimed as a campaign finance matter. This just doesn’t fly. It sounds like a rinky-dink case to the average voter.

One personal yardstick judging politicians, is how genuine they are around children. I worked for one who simply sat down on a HeadStart floor for story time while a gaggle of pre-schoolers climbed over him to see the pictures and one little boy gave him a wet willy.

Trump is a hugger and lifter-upper to talk face-to-face. Biden is a hair-sniffer from behind.


In the last White House campaign, the Democrat crowd successfully used COVID to camouflage Joe Biden’s deteriorating mental and physical condition. He spent half the mornings in his basement staring at a Zoom camera, calling it a day around 10:30.

That foretold Biden’s White House “work” habits, which involve spending 40 percent of his first term on vacation, as he is again this weekend. 

In 2020, that left the focus on the mean tweeter who, with five to six hours’ sleep, addressed two to three mass rallies a day in as many states. Polls showed that some 70 percent of Democrats were voting against Trump, not for Biden.

We can only surmise what the 81-year-old does during all that downtime. The sleep he needs. The drugs and medicines he receives from visitors who go undocumented at his private home.

Biden’s list of failures is long, tragic, and disturbingly intentional — inflation, 10 million illegal immigrants through his open southern border, the lethal Afghan exit, terminating our energy independence, and more. 

So, he wanted this campaign to focus on Trump again, mainly his manufactured legal troubles. The incumbent’s team plans to spend multiple millions on attack ads in key states over the summer, as Barack Obama did successfully to Mitt Romney in 2012.

But polls show that’s not happening. When Trump was indicted, his poll numbers rose. When the expected guilty verdict was delivered in Manhattan, a donation flood began.

In the first 24 hours, the campaign reported receiving $35 million, which surged up near $53 million on Saturday. Even with the campaign’s unannounced tsunami of text and email pleas for money, that’s a large sum.

Spillover Trump support also delivered a record $320,000 in donations to the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.

I have long maintained that Americans have a strong sense of fairness. That’s fueling, for instance, the ongoing revolt against mediocre male athletes opting to succeed in women’s sports competitions.

Previous vows by New York authorities, including Bragg, to “get” Trump are well known. The judge’s rulings and jury instructions, and the prosecution’s opportunity to deliver a non-rebuttable closing argument, basically stacked the deck for Manhattan jurors to obey. 

However, they also provide ample ammo for Trump appeals, which must be filed within 30 days, though they, too, will be heard by New York judges.

Here’s another piece of evidence, however, to feed the public’s well-founded beliefs in unbalanced justice for Trump. 

He was on criminal trial for falsifying corporate documents to disguise hush payments to a porn star. That is a misdemeanor charge, which the feds declined to prosecute. 

However, Bragg compounded the charges into 34 state counts and elevated them to felonies, which enabled him to exceed the statute of limitations and potentially involve prison time.

But wait! What about this?

After Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat, she and her campaign got caught falsifying financial reports to disguise payments to others to create the Steele Dossier and Russiagate hoax.

The Federal Elections Commission fined her campaign $113,000. No charges. No felony. No trial. 

So, for an offense similar to Trump’s, she got off nothing. 

Just as that same Democrat did in 2016 when FBI Director James Comey declined to recommend prosecution of her for illegally using a private email server to hide (and sometimes destroy) thousands of national security emails from Freedom of Information requests. 

And remember Benghazi under Clinton and Obama, where four loyal Americans died with no backup or rescue attempts? Or the crooked Solyndra loan guarantees that got several hundred million in investments returned to its main investor, who just happened to be an Obama bundler?

No charges or justice there, either.

After the Trump verdict, a smirking Biden maintained it was “reckless, dangerous, (and) irresponsible for anyone to say this was rigged just because they don’t like the verdict. Our justice system has endured for nearly 250 years.”

This new one needs to end the moment Joe Biden’s 48 months of screw-ups are terminated.