After Bending the Knee to Hamas, Biden Learns the Hard Way That You Can Never Be Woke Enough


It’s been a shameful couple of days for the United States, led by the worst president in the nation’s history. As RedState reported, Joe Biden decided to withhold arms shipments to Israel after it began its operation in Rafah, the last stronghold of Hamas. 


Speaking to CNN’s Erin Burnett, a defiant and politically desperate Biden sought to appease the antisemitic, pro-terrorist contingent within his party by throwing the long-time American ally under the bus. Just when you think he can’t go lower, he manages to do so.

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If Israel goes after the last remaining Hamas stronghold to eliminate the terrorist movement and free any hostages who happen to remain alive, Biden said, “we’re not going to supply the weapons and artillery shells used.”

Later in the interview, the president tried to soften his threat, claiming that Israel should “Focus on, and we’ll help you focus on getting the bad guys.” The bad guys are in Rafah . There is no path to defeating Hamas without taking the area and destroying the network of terror tunnels. Biden has offered no alternative strategy despite continually lecturing Israel on how they are propagating a war they didn’t start. 

That’s because he doesn’t have one. At this point, he’s just talking, and every word that comes out of his mouth decrying Israel is meant to satiate voters in Islamist hotspots like Dearborn, MI. Biden feels the election slipping from his grasp and chants of “genocide Joe” go forth from his far-left base. How’s that outreach program going? Not very well. 


How many times must it be said? You can never be woke enough. 

Stabbing Israel in the back as it moves to eliminate Hamas is simply not enough to call off the dogs. Nothing short of Biden throwing on a green headband and ranting about “Zionists” was ever going to accomplish that. That’s what makes his attempt to save Hamas so self-destructive. He hasn’t earned back a single vote from the radicals in Dearborn and elsewhere, but he has managed to alienate independents, of which the vast majority support Israel in this war. 

In other words, Biden is losing on both ends now, and it’s solely because he didn’t have the moral courage to stand up and condemn the genocidal maniacs in the Democratic Party. Instead, he and his handlers thought they could get away with half-measures and late-breaking moves against Israel. The woke-Islamist alliance doesn’t care about that, though. They want Israel wiped off the map, and nothing else will satisfy them. So congrats to Biden for figuring out a way to make everyone hate him. Brilliant stuff.