Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey Shoots and Scores Against Gavin Newsom’s Latest Red State Rant

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey looks like the grandmother you always wanted to have. So, why is California Governor Gavin Newsom going after her?

It’s apparent he’s on some kind of high. Whether natural, pharmaceutical, or chemical is anyone’s guess. As Assemblyman and Congressional Candidate Kevin Kiley (R-CA 03) rightly states, this latest screed is facepalm-worthy:

Newsom talks about being, “misled. Dare I say, being lied to,” about educational choice. His target? Alabama, and Governor Ivey’s choice to spend federal dollars on SuperMax prison facilities rather than education.


Let’s talk about Gavin Newsom’s actions toward educational “choice,” shall we?

In 2020, when California parents were begging him to reopen schools because their children were suffering from learning loss, lack of socialization, and families were falling into poverty because one earner was sidelined managing their children’s Zoom learning, Newsom’s own children were in private school, receiving in-person learning.

“Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday his children have returned to in-person learning under a “phased-in approach” as many schools across the state remain shuttered due to Covid-19 — including nearly all public schools in Sacramento County where the governor lives.

So, the only one who had a choice in their child’s education was him. The rest of the populace? “Let Them Eat at the French Laundry!” Oh, wait….

In 2021, His Hairfulness and his funders in the teachers unions decided that children could return to in-person learning, but only if they were masked up and fully vaccinated. Children or their parents who protested were treated like political prisoners. Because they were.

So if we look at Newsom’s actions, they scream hypocrite.

Despite Newsom receiving a token educational excellence award, California’s ranking in education is nothing to brag about.

A Scholaroo study done in March of 2022 ranked California as No. 44 out of 50 in terms of best states for education. What else was interesting about that study? Alabama was No. 1 in graduation rates. California didn’t make the Top 10.

California schools also ranked No. 48 in how much children are bullied. It sounds like these kids are taking their cues from this governor.

Governor Grandma Ivey immediately shot Hair Gel down. You see, no matter how much Newsom likes to troll these Red State governors, the facts cannot be denied: No one is leaving these states to come to California–just the opposite.

The California Legislative Analyst’s Office released 2020 IRS information that shows 260,000 taxpayers absconded the state. What makes this even more critical is that this is across ALL tax brackets, not just lower income. One wonders what the 2021 numbers will look like? So all this begging businesses to come back and talk of “California freedom,” doesn’t seem to be working. If anything, these actions are shining an unfiltered spotlight, exposing every nook, crack, and cranny of a governor who is doing everything for himself and his aspirations, and nothing for the citizens of the state for which he is responsible.

Newsom thinks he’s going to be president, but ain’t nobody gonna vote for that. At least, nobody with common sense, as Governor Grandma plainly stated. There’s a lot more people with common sense outside of California than in it. For those who remain, it’s why we are where we are.

As a parting shot, just on the heels of Recall Gasc?n failing to qualify for the November 2022 ballot, we have California’s growing crime element, especially since Newsom is on the side of releasing criminals rather than convicting them and locking them up.

I suspect that Los Angeles County would prefer more people being imprisoned and facilities to place them in, than more criminals out on the street doing this:

So, yeah, Governor Newsom, actions speak louder than words.

We see you.


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