Ana Navarro Says It’s Ridiculous to Scrutinize Biden Over This (Non) Fact


Sen. Mark Warner seems to be in the doghouse as the Democratic lawmaker leading the effort to get President Joe Biden to step aside so someone else can run in 2024. (He’s even getting thinly veiled threats from writer Don Winslow.) ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos brought up Warner in the interview that aired Friday night — the one that was taped earlier and edited — and Biden seemed to suggest that Warner had run against him for president.


Some charitably thought that Biden had mistaken Warner for Michael Bennet, “who DID run in 2020 and is also a white male Democrat Senator.”

Republican political consultant Ana Navarro says it’s ridiculous to scrutinize Biden’s answers to this degree:

Except he didn’t, not even for a short time.



Maybe this was just another of Biden’s increasingly appearing “cognitive fluctuations.”


Good God.

It’s fair to defend Biden. But this is ridiculous.