As Trudeau May Finally Get the Boot, He Reveals How Liberals Really Feel About Democracy


It seems like Canada’s very liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been around forever. 

It seems longer when you have someone who is so insufferable. He’s been in office since 2015, which I guess is a long time when you consider all the harm he’s done to the country. If you think people hate Joe Biden, people in Canada may hate Trudeau even more:


He hastrailed in pollsby double digits for nearly a year, and the outlook for the once popular prime minister is so grim that some old guard Liberals have been grumbling that maybe he should just step down and give someone else a shot.

Pollsters are saying it’s over for Trudeau:

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is likely headed to forming a majority government, say pollsters.

Trudeau “has basically tanked with everybody,” according to Greg Lyle, president and founder of the Innovative Research Group. “It’s over for him. There’s no hope with Trudeau.”

In a late April poll, the Conservatives received 41 per cent support, and the governing Liberals got 24 per cent.

Sounds like the same forces we’re seeing here and in Europe are also rising in Canada. People are tired of liberal/socialist nonsense. It’s not delivering, and it’s screwing up the countries. People have had enough. 

On top of that, there are now even allegations of treason against some lawmakers for secretly working with foreign governments, and Trudeau was forced by the opposition to expand an inquiry into election interference to cover the treason questions. 


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During his remarks on that on Monday, Trudeau took the time to decry and demonize the rise of “right-wing forces.” This sounds a lot like Joe Biden’s ridiculous attacks on MAGA. 

“We have seen around the world a rise of populist right-wing forces in just about every democracy –uh– that we’ve seen. And it is of concern to see political parties choosing to instrumentalize anger, fear, division, anxiety.”

He said he remained convinced that Canadians wanted solutions, rather than just having their “anger amplified” without any solutions. 

Now that’s pretty hilarious. It sounds like he’s pretty upset that Canadians may choose the right wing over him, and he’s not liking that or the rise of the right in democracies. Um, Justin? That’s the nature of democracy — you can get the boot when they don’t like you and when they think that you’ve failed. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. But liberals don’t like losing control, and they’ll say anything to hold onto it. 


There he goes, saying the right is choosing to “instrumentalize anger, fear, division, anxiety.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. But if you chose the right, it’s just because you’re choosing to amplify your anger and don’t really care about solutions. That’s what he’s telling Canadians. He’s so clueless, you don’t woo voters by insulting them. But this explains why he’s so far down in the polls. 

But no one’s buying this kind of nonsense anymore.