Beautiful City of Savannah Wins Survey of Top 5 Most Underrated Places to Visit in USA – LOOK

Three in four Americans are usually stuck in their ways and always go on vacation to the same places, according to a new poll—but these suggestions might encourage them to step outside of their vacation comfort zones.

The survey of 2,000 adults found many who are willing to change up their vacation pattern, however, with 78% saying that they would be likely to take a chance on visiting an entirely new destination if persuaded.

And nearly three in four agree that those who aren’t willing to try somewhere new are missing out.

Strikingly, of the 62% of people who have visited somewhere they did not think they would enjoy, a whopping 89% ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Similarly, two in three have chosen a vacation destination based on a recommendation from family or friends and have almost always ended up enjoying it (92%). This may be why 79% agree that it’s important not to judge a vacation spot before you’ve been there yourself.

When it comes to the most “underrated” cities they’d like to visit, Savannah, Georgia (35%) came out on top, with St. Petersburg, Florida (33%) and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia (32%) close behind.

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Savannah is a centuries-old city lumbering along the Savannah River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. Crucial during the American Revolution and Civil War, the small seaport city features cobblestone streets, Victorian buildings, and notable historical sites.

Savannah sites by Photoartel (left) and and Fgrammen (right) – CC license

St. Petersburg

With an average of 361 days of annual sunshine and a World Record for most consecutive sunny days (768), St. Petersburg, Florida, is surrounded by warm waters on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, as part of the Tampa–St. Pete–Clearwater metro area. (Watch out for hurricane season in this location, though, and the one above.)

St Petersburg park by Calmuziclover, CC license (cropped)

Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry is a historic town of only 300 people where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers come together, joining Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, most known for its Civil War role as “the best strategic point in the whole South”—and it’s where anti-slavery vigilante John Brown raided the U.S. Armory in 1859.

By Frank Kehren Photography, CC license (cropped)

Conducted by OnePoll for the West Virginia Department of Tourism, the survey found a variety of vacation goals. Some respondents view vacations as an educational experience, with 37% saying they enjoy learning about the history/culture of a destination. More people, however, believe the best vacation activities are simply relaxing (46%) or trying new food (42%).

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Millennials are more likely to create a detailed itinerary (54%), but most others think that creating an itinerary limits what you can do with your time.

Additionally, a majority of those who make itineraries admitted that when they’ve strayed from it, they had a better time than they could have imagined (80%).

Overall, the lesson here might be that taking a chance on the unexpected destination or new experience, may end up being the perfect vacation for everyone.


Savannah, Georgia – 35%St. Petersburg, Florida – 33%Harpers Ferry, West Virginia – 32%Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska – 31%Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York – 30%

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