Biden: France Rejected Extremism, but Look at These ‘French’ Flags


We’ve been hearing a lot of warnings about the rise of the “far-right wing” in Europe. But those fears may have been exaggerated. French President Emmanuel Macron called a snap parliamentary election over the weekend, and the far-left were the big winners. 


You know how some people are calling for the elimination of the Electoral College in the United States? We doubt those same people would have the same problem with France, where Marine Le Pen’s “far-right” National Rally won millions of votes but gained only 143 seats in Parliament. Macron’s “centrist” Ensemble alliance teamed up with the “far-left” (i.e., communist) New Popular Front.

Le Pen had campaigned on stopping the flow of immigrants, the de-Islamization of France, and full support for Israel, along with a rejection of globalism. 

So, in short, the Communists won in France.

“It looks like France will not be saved.”

President Joe Biden has reportedly said that extremism was defeated, as it will be in the United States.



But look at the celebrations in the streets! Look at all of those French flags held aloft:


Funny you’d bring a Palestinian flag to a celebration of the French election.

The leftists were so excited that they decided to riot and start fires:

“Fiery but mostly peaceful.”


Bill Kristol came in with a hot take:


Meanwhile, in England, days after the installation of new Prime Minister Keir Starmer …

Migrants and prisoners. Starmer could release up to 40,000 inmates to free up space in the overcrowded prisons.

You get what you vote for.