Biden Is a Corporate Media Failure and Proof It’s Losing Its Grip On the People


The corporate media used to be the most powerful entity when it came to controlling public opinion. While it still represents a major threat and has more influence than it should, I think we can safely say that the time of the corporate media’s influence on the people is coming to an end.

Nothing shows me that this is the case more than President Joe Biden and, I’d say, the rising unpopularity of the Democrats in general. 

To be clear, any president who has a flagging economy will experience a massive drop in popularity along with that of his party, but this feels different. This feels like it’s being accompanied by a massive shift in public opinion on a whole host of things. 

But let’s start from the top. 

As reported by Nick Arama, NBC polling showed that Biden is starting to fall behind Trump in a big way, especially when it comes to inflation and cost of living. 

But the kicker is that Biden’s numbers are so bad that he’s setting records with his unpopularity: 

Biden is the lowest of anyone occupying the White House at this point in their terms when it comes to job approval, with only 42 percent. And he’s lower than Trump was at the same point in approval and lower than Bush Sr., who did not win reelection. 

Head to head Biden loses against Trump, 46-44, according to the poll. The only thing that helps Biden, although Kornacki said it doesn’t make a lot of sense, is that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in their poll, seems to pull from Trump more than Biden. Then he said that led to “Joe Biden, 39%, Donald Trump 37%, there’s Kennedy getting 13%.”

I seriously doubt that part of the poll. And frankly, so does Joe Biden’s team. That’s why they are doing all they can to take Kennedy out of the election, including by weaponizing his family against him. They obviously believe that he’s going to be a big problem for them. Joe Biden even did a post on X with members of the Kennedy family endorsing him. 

Now, any poll this far out should be taken with more than a few grains of salt, but we can still take some things from it. 

For one, Biden’s stellar unpopularity is a sure sign that the media cannot keep him afloat. In this day and age, no amount of selective editing can save them thanks to the internet. In fact, the internet is a large portion of the reason the corporate media can’t seem to get a foothold in the public conscience like it used to. 

If it had done its job, it would have possibly kept a good portion of its reputation as trustworthy, and even in the age of the internet, people would still have double-checked with NBC or ABC to make sure what they were seeing was legit. 

But networks like these have played a massive part in the degradation of America. They stood back and applauded riots, and corruption, and blatantly lied about everyone and everything that didn’t fit into their leftist box. 

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Biden was sold to the American people by the media, but it backed the wrong man in its desperation to get rid of Trump. It’s trapped in a corner it put itself in and it can’t get out without a massive mea culpa which it cannot and will not do. If it does do that, then it plants the seed of an idea in people’s minds that if it was wrong about this, then what else is it wrong about? 

But the people can see what it’s not admitting in large part because it trained us to. Many Americans are well aware of how untrustworthy the media is, and like the Bud Light debacle, Americans decided to try out other sources and now prefer those. 

This is only going to get worse for the media. The left is not going to change anytime soon and, as such, the media won’t either. The two are attached at the hip. It’s only going to get worse of them if Trump gets elected and does a stellar job of returning the economy to a more productive and successful state. 

I’m not suggesting that the corporate media is going to fully disappear, but it will never be as powerful as it was once.