Biden Made a Big Blunder During Meeting With Las Vegas Aces, More Revealed on How Staff Is Helping Him


We reported on Thursday about Joe Biden’s event with the WNBA winners, the Las Vegas Aces. 

He shuffled in, looking very old and having some confusion. The big news out of the event was what he said on the question of a debate. Somehow, the media was finally able to get a question to him and he responded on that issue. Biden’s response was “Set it up!” That just digs the hole deeper for his people, now that he’s saying that, if they don’t agree to set anything up. That’s why they don’t like the media to be able to get to him because he may say things that they can’t walk back. 


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But Biden also made a big mistake as he was trying to compliment the team about one of their players who just retired, Candace Parker:

“While she couldn’t be here,” Biden said of the WNBA legend. “I want to acknowledge someone who we consider one of the greatest all-time coaches — Candace Parker.”

There is just one problem: Parker has never coached.

So you know how much he watches women’s basketball, and he said “we consider,” as though he had any idea what he was talking about. Once again, he managed to mess up. I wonder what the team must have thought when he said that. He also spoke about Acting Labor Sec. Julie Su being a “center”–and that doesn’t seem to be true either, as we noted on Thursday. 

He did get the rest of the teleprompter description about Parker correct, however:  

“She played 16 seasons in the league, two Olympic Gold Medals, two regular season MVPs, and a Final MVP. And look — and going out on top of the world with her third ring, she announced her retirement from the game.”


Parker is continuing in basketball after her retirement. She just became Adidas’ new president of women’s basketball on Wednesday.

One thing that I also noted was that they put a mark on the floor, to help Biden know where to stand, for when he seems to get confused and not know what to do. You can see it in the video here. 

It was labeled with the office he’s occupying (in case he forgets that too). You can see the close-up here on X.  Maybe that will help reduce his wandering and confusion. People also commented on how dirty his shoes appeared as well. You can also get a close-up look at the shoes that they’ve given him to help stop him from falling. 

But as we’ve noted, he’s still having issues. He wobbled after he walked up the short stairs into Air Force One earlier this week and last week, he almost face-planted on the South Lawn as he was coming out of Marine One. They’re surrounding him with staff to keep media from seeing that walk and asking questions, but unfortunately, that isn’t going to solve the issue. 



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