Biden Trips at Peace Officers Memorial, Then Makes It About Himself Again With ‘Beau’ Comment


Joe Biden attended the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service on Wednesday. 

The event recognizes the officers who lost their lives in the line of duty over the past year. 


Biden likely is hoping that his appearance will prompt people to think Democrats are supportive of the police. But the problem is all the Democrats who have not been — who have called for defunding of the police — and the leftists who chant on campuses even now against the police. But we remember. 

But as he was walking up to his seat, you can see that he tripped, although he didn’t fall. 

He’s had multiple incidents recently where he’s had issues, including coming off his helicopter and even wobbling after he went up the stairs to Air Force One. 


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This, despite all they have tried to do to stop him from tripping, from the short stairs to the special shoes. 

Unfortunately, at some point, I think he’s going to take another header because the problem is still there. 


Then, as Biden was seated and others spoke, he just seemed to stare vacantly for much of the time. 

When he finally spoke, he repeated the “black hole” speech he’s given before and then — you knew it was coming — talked about how his son Beau had died. He told the audience whose police officer loved ones had been killed in the line of duty, “I know” what you feel — because his son had cancer. 

No, you don’t know, and it’s really offensive when you say you do. 

You had time to say goodbye to your son, and he wasn’t a police officer, much less one killed and gone in a minute from you in the line of duty. NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller’s family knows what that’s like, but you couldn’t be bothered to attend his wake or even call his family. 

If his staff had any decency, they would stop him from doing this kind of thing. But neither his staff nor Biden seem to be able to stop this. It isn’t about you, Joe, no matter how much you try to make it so. 


His slurring and “Beau moment” may also not have gone over so well with the audience because there was also very little applause when he started his remarks and very little after he was done delivering his remarks, as journalist Matthew Foldii observed.