Biden’s Brain Breaks at APAICS Gala, Makes Creepy Comment About Woman, Adds New ‘Origin Story’


Joe Biden delivered some brief remarks at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies’ 30th Annual Awards Gala on Tuesday evening. 


It didn’t go well; he was slurring a lot throughout the remarks. 

Anyone who knows Biden knows that anytime he talks to a group, he’s going to come up with an “origin story” that fits the occasion. On this occasion, he noted how he was “raised” by the late Sen. Danny Inouye (D-HI) when he came to the Senate. He also mentioned he was friends with former Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta, so I guess that all makes him Asian too. Add that to the long list of all the things Biden is. 

But then he botched his acting labor secretary’s name. 

Then he made some weird comment about a lady in the audience whose gown he liked. “Where is she? Stand up, kid! I like that dress. Let ’em see your gown!”

He slurred, referring to the person as “Director of my Office of Science and Technology.” That person is Dr. Arati Prabhakar, whom he’s referring to, and Biden made that a Cabinet-level position. He’s now referring to a female member of his Cabinet as “Kid.” 

It’s so creepy that he just can’t seem to stop himself from making weird comments or doing strange things around women and girls. 


Biden spoke about how saving $800 a month could mean a lot for a family, but he’s costing Americans hundreds more every month with Bidenflation.

He also spoke about former President Donald Trump, who clearly is living rent-free in his head. He’s ramped up the lies and attacks on him as Trump has continued to lead in the polls against him. Indeed, as we wrote earlier, Biden is so in denial that he is simply rejecting that the polls are real, like The NY Times/Siena poll that is, in the words of CNN, an “absolute disaster” for him. 


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Biden called Trump a “loser,” and then he lied again, claiming Trump had said to inject bleach in the skin (to deal with COVID). He then said, “I wonder if he did it.”  This just shows how much he’s worried about Trump that he has to say such ridiculous things. 

He then got confused in the middle of this story and just gave up. 


Then there was this moment where his brain breaks, and he just loses his way reading the teleprompter. You can see him staring intently at the teleprompter trying to figure it out. 

“They wanna undo what they finally got done and then, what we finally got done and to make up for it. They wanted to, they wanted to give power back to Big Pharma,” he slurred. 

This is pretty sad. He finally corrects himself yet still seems confused as he tries to paint the Republicans as the party of “Big Pharma” when, through his actions, he directed a ton to “Big Pharma.” 

Then, to cap off the weirdness, as he was leaving, he pretended like he was going to jump off the stage. 

Then he shuffled slowly off the stage.