Byron Donalds Dunks Pro-Hamas Agitator During GWU Visit, Raises Larger Point in the Process


One of the things that has emerged about the pro-Hamas campus encampments and related protests is the fact that there is a significant presence of outside agitators, something noted by New York City Mayor Eric Adams after Tuesday night’s clearing of Columbia University and City College of NY.


“There were individuals on the campus who should not have been there,” Adams stated. “They were people who are professionals and we saw evidence of training.”

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One of the tell-tale signs of this comes from arrest photos, for instance, where we’ve seen people who are much older than your average college student, people who were not professors nor administrative staffers and the like:

Valid comparisons between these demonstrations and the Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led riots from 2020 and the Occupy Wall Street encampments from 2011 have also been made, with Soros funding connections also being alleged – and confirmed

It is perhaps with all of that in mind that Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) dunked an unhinged agitator during a tour of the George Washington University pro-Hamas encampment on Wednesday with an implied question about the man’s age. Here’s how the exchange went down :


“How much is AIPAC paying you, you bastard?” the man sneered as Donalds brushed the remark off, the footage shows.

“How much is AIPAC paying you, you race-traitor,” the man added, prompting a head-turn from Donalds, 45, and groans from some in the crowd surrounding the lawmaker.

“Outside agitators aren’t allowed. You’re working for a foreign entity, you bastard,” the man went on as he was motioned away.

The “peaceful protester” also called Donalds the derogatory racial slur “Uncle Tom.” Donalds looked at the guy momentarily before insinuating that it was him who was the “outside agitator,” not Donalds.

“That guy’s really old to be in college,” Donalds replied, before resuming what he was saying elsewhere to other students and reporters.


Though there is no age limit on going to college, the attendance of middle-aged “students” at these protests is a giant red flag that there is merit to what Adams and others have alleged about the coordination of the encampments, demonstrations, etc. from people who don’t attend these schools.


That said, make no mistake about it: the students at these schools who are participating are as radical as they come, and though the outside funding and coordinating is definitely a thing, these students (and some professors) have been eager participants in fomenting the chaos and destruction. 

There’s plenty of blame to be passed around here, but let us not pretend for one second that the students themselves don’t own this.

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