Homeowner hopes to transform historic East Side home into dance studio

SAN ANTONIO – The owner of a historical East Side home is working to honor its…

Discovering the brain’s role in alcohol dependence

Addiction is a debilitating brain disease that results in a physical and psychological dependence on a…

Biden Administration Finally Admits How Disastrous Cancelling Keystone XL Was

Just how bad was Joe Biden’s decision upon taking office to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline?…

Yes, you can collect Social Security benefits based on your ex-spouse’s earnings

If you are divorced, you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits based on your…

Sean Hannity Embarrasses Himself in Attempted Take-Down of Lauren Boebert

I shouldn’t have to write this article. I should be able to trust conservative thought leaders…

Journalist Paul Sperry Teases Major Russia Collusion Story

I wrote previously about how Rep. Adam Schiff’s office went after journalist Paul Sperry to try…

FBI Celebrates New Year by Declaring They Will Chase January 6 Demonstrators for ‘Years to Come’

The Washington Field Office of the FBI celebrated the New Year by issuing a self-congratulatory press…

Did anybody win the $685 million Mega Millions jackpot?

The jackpot increased to $685 million ahead of Friday night’s drawing after 21 straight drawings without…

Bill Maher Skewers the Woke Left for Being Against ‘Freedom’

Bill Maher eviscerated the woke culture during a conversation on his podcast “Club Random” with billionaire…

Republicans rally around Trump in Robstown

With early voting opening on Monday, Texas Republican candidates from the Coastal Bend, Rio Grade Valley…

When It Comes to Big Tech, We’re Living in a Digital Wild West

I love a good western. I’m particularly fond of The Magnificent Seven (the original with Yul…

Beth Biesel – Election Transparency on Trial

Election Transparency on Trial

American Civil Rights Struggle

Carnegie History CenterAmerican Civil Rights Struggle – Civil Rights Panel Discussion Feb. 2014

Texas State Capitol

Pro Life Rally July 8th 2013

Texas Muslim Capitol Day

TSPAN Archived Video

Leticia Van De Putte

Leticia Van De Putte speaks to the GI Forum

Fmr. Congressman – Lamar Smith

TSPAN Archived Video

Harvey Hildebrand Comptroller Announcement August 20 2013

TSPAN Archived Video 2 views Aug 19, 2022

JoAnn Flemming

Tea Party October 15th 5013