Catholic Extension grants 30 full scholarships to Robb Elementary School mass shooting survivors

A nonprofit organization announced Monday it has awarded 30 full scholarships to children who were wounded in the Robb Elementary School mass shooting.

Following the tragic mass shooting, many families transferred their children from Robb Elementary School to Sacred Heart Catholic School. According to a news release, 80 families are seeking a transfer.

The scholarships awarded are a part of Catholic Extension’s ongoing efforts to support the well-being of the children and their families of Uvalde.

Father Jack Wall, president of Catholic Extension, issued the following statement:

“Catholic Extension is committed to the ongoing care and support for the children and families of Uvalde, TX. It is our belief that awarding scholarships to Sacred Heart Catholic School will provide a safe and loving educational environment to children who are suffering from the physical and emotional wounds of violence.”

One parent shared his gratitude for the awarded scholarships.

“The tuition assistance means everything to my son and our family,” said Oscar Orona, father of Robb Elementary shooting survivor. “My son has gone through a lot, and still has a long road to recovery ahead. At the very least, he deserves to go to a school where he feels safe. Thankfully with the support of Catholic Extension, he will now have that reality.”

In addition to providing financial assistance to the students, Catholic Extension is supporting six religious sisters who will provide on-site emotional assistance during the first week of school to both the students and teachers of Sacred Heart Catholic School.

The sisters’ service aims to provide spiritual comfort and a presence of peace and solidarity as the new school year begins. Throughout the next 18 months, with the support of Catholic Extension, 100 sisters will serve the Uvalde and Catholic community in various capacities.

Sister Esther M. Guerrero, MCDP, issued the following statement:

“Returning to school is undoubtedly a scary and trying time right now for the kids of Uvalde, however they are filled with hope. This week, our focus is solely on showing the students, parents and teachers love and support through simply being by their side. We are here to serve this grieving community, no matter how big or small.”

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