CHAOS: Pro-Hamas Group Orders ‘Day Of Rage’ on NYC – Violence Erupts, Authorities Nowhere to Be Found


Chaos is breaking out all over New York City, as pro-Hamas groups seek vengeance for the hostage rescue. 

On Saturday, a pro-Hamas group called for a “Day of Rage For Gaza” on Monday, June 10th. The group Within Our Lifetime, whose rhetoric makes them sound like a crazed terrorist organization, called for action against museums and cultural institutions around the city. It even produced a map with five locations pinned for protestors to start with. They wrote on their X account, according to Fox 5 New York: 


Across the city the Brooklyn Museum and cultural institutions like it are drenched in the blood of Palestine’s martyrs. In their name and in their memory we call for autonomous action against these institutions all day.

The group’s account also urged followers: 

Think creatively. Move autonomously. Then converge with WOL in Union Square at 5 pm as we take to the streets in rage and mourning.

In a video posted on X Monday evening, a large crowd surrounds the entrance to a memorial exhibit for the Nova Festival victims. They can be heard chanting and waving flags. (One smart guy even brought a Guyana flag.) 

In a subsequent video, we see a man in a shirt with the star of David being led away from the crowd.


There are other disturbing reports coming in that the mob has taken over parts of the subway. RedState is still confirmring those reports.

How did the authorities miss this clear proclamation of pre-meditated violence, two days before it occurred? We are now living in a day of such pathetic authority that terrorist groups announce their campaigns before they do them, and authorities do nothing. 

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When did unchecked hate and violence become freedom of speech? How hard is it for leaders to draw the line? With every uncontrolled hate-mob, we are sending a message that it is acceptable, and things are only getting worse. 

The one-sided application of the law is infuriating. Nationwide, there have been few arrests made in the protests even when they have destroyed property, defaced public monuments, and become physically violent with any that oppose them. In any sane leader’s mind, this would be a state of emergency that would need to be prevented from ever happening again. In NYC, even though Mayor Adams has spoken positively of his support of the Jewish community, there has not been decisive action against these hate movements. Where is he at today during this “Day or Rage”?

This is how the left deals with things. This is their standard M.O. The essential core value of the left is to never say no to the mob. Their moral compass is fixed tightly to move with whatever the people want, even when it’s openly wrong or anti-American. They come up with new ways to make evil sound noble. At the heart, it’s just their own cowardice creatively covering the trail. 


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When has there been a time with any other group that we allowed people to celebrate the torture, rape, and murder of innocent people, including children? How would it have been received if mobs had protested like that outside of George Floyd’s funeral? How is it that two teens were charged with a felony for making skid marks on a Pride painting, yet our national monuments are being defaced?

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With the Left in charge, a group can openly call for violence against our cultural centers and be coddled or even applauded. Why are these people even here? Why have we let people who hate America take up residence here? And if our leaders can’t actually enforce their words, how can they protect us? We need to get so sick of this that we aren’t afraid to offend people anymore. As we can see, no one else is going to stick up for us, unless we grab a Hezbollah flag, that is.