Chicago Sky Head Coach Issues Stern Non-Apology Following Her Player’s On-Court Mugging of Caitlin Clark


Listed in decreasing likelihood of you knowing they existed, on June 3, WNBA Chicago Sky head coach Teresa Weatherspoon released a statement firmly not expressing remorse for her player Chennedy Carter’s blatant attack on the Indiana Fever’s Caitlin Clark during the Fever’s 72-71 victory over the Sky on June 1 in Indianapolis.


Before we dissect Weatherspoon’s statement, a look at the play in question.


To summarize: the Sky had just scored. The Fever were preparing to inbound the ball. Carter took several steps toward Clark and shouldered her to the floor before the ball came back into play. In this light, Weatherspoon’s statement becomes even more ludicrous.

“Physical play, intensity, and a competitive spirit are hallmarks of Chicago Sky basketball.”

Given that prior to this Saturday, no one had seen Chicago Sky basketball, we’ll have to take her word on it.

“Chennedy got caught up in the heat of the moment in an effort to win the game.”

Uh, no. Carter did not get caught up in the heat of the moment. She deliberately attacked an opponent during a momentary pause in the action. Lying about it in an attempt to excuse it does not make matters better.

“She and I have discussed what happened and that it was not appropriate …”

Not appropriate that you’ve brought the national spotlight on yourself for all the wrong reasons, that is.


“… nor is it what we do or who we are.”

Actually, it is what you do because you did it. It is who you are, again, because you did it. Unless Weatherspoon wishes to make a case for Carter suffering a momentary demonic possession, it is all on her, and a coach who would have done nothing had the spotlight not been shining directly on her for the past three days.

“Chennedy understands that there are better ways to handle things on the court …”

Such as if you are going to flagrantly foul an opponent, make sure you injure them so they can’t continue playing.

“… and she will learn from this, as we all will.”

One suspects the $5K fine leveled by the WNBA against the Sky for its debacle of a post-game presser after the game against the Sky provides the major impetus for this educational moment.

“As a team, we will grow together and continue to work hard to display strong leadership …”

May we assume Carter trash-talking Clark on social media is part of this growth and work?

“… and set a positive example for our competitors, fans, and partners.”

TRANSLATION: Sponsors, please don’t leave us!

A note on Carter. In 2020, she went in the first round as the fourth player selected overall in the WNBA draft. During the 2021 season, the team that drafted her (Atlanta) suspended her indefinitely after a confrontation with a teammate.


During the first quarter of Sunday’s contest between the Atlanta Dream and the Las Vegas Aces, Atlanta guard Courtney Williams approached Chennedy Carter on the bench. Williams, who saw that Carter looked disengaged as other teammates cheered, went over to Carter and emphatically told her to improve her attitude. The two had an argument, and after checking out at the end of the first quarter, Carter did not play in the second quarter and remained in the locker room for the second half.

After the game, Carter, who was upset about her playing time and the team’s success, approached Williams. After Williams told Carter that she wasn’t interested in hearing about playing time, Carter made noises about wanting to fight her teammate. Williams made it clear to the locker room that she had zero interest in fighting anyone, and immediately after Carter confronted her, she backed away and left the situation.

Carter never played for the Dream again. Atlanta traded her to the Los Angeles Sparks during the off-season. Unfortunately for her, she neglected to leave her baggage behind and was let go by Los Angeles after one season (2022).

She was benched for poor conduct during the season as the Sparks missed the playoffs for a second consecutive year … 

Carter, who was previously suspended by Atlanta for conduct detrimental to the team, never delivered more than sporadic bursts of energy. When Curt Miller was hired as head coach after the season, Carter was one of two players under contract with the Sparks, but Miller didn’t give the young guard a ringing endorsement.

“She’s currently under contract and a talented player,” Miller said on a conference call soon after he was hired. “And as the roster plays out, everyone will be able to understand what’s long term for us.”


Carter did not play in the WNBA in 2023 as, frankly, no one wanted her. She is certainly making the most of her third go-round, what say?

Needing her share of air time, Reese, who was fined $1K by the WNBA for blowing off the post-game presser following the Fever-Sky game, chimed in on June 3. In hindsight, she should have continued blowing off the press instead of going full blowhard.

Reese, who led LSU to the 2023 national championship, also said enough credit isn’t going to her and others for how they spurred the growth of the women’s game.

“I think so many people are watching women’s basketball right now. It all started from the national championship game [in 2023],” Reese said of LSU’s victory over Iowa. “I’ve been dealing with this for two years now. And understanding that, yeah, negative things have probably been said about me, but, honestly, I’ll take that. Because look where women’s basketball is.

“People are pulling up to games, we’ve got celebrities coming to games, sold-out arenas just because of one single game. I’ll take that role. And I know I’ll go down in history. I’ll look back in 20 years and be like, ‘The reason why we’re watching women’s basketball is not just because of one person. It’s because of me, too.’ And I want you to realize that.

News flash, Angel. You don’t sell merchandise. You don’t sell tickets. No WNBA team moves their games to bigger arenas because you’re coming into town. Caitlin Clark, on the other hand, visibly moves the needle. You, not so much.


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The next installment of Mean Girls: Sports Edition comes on June 16 when the Sky travel to Indianapolis to play the Fever. One suspects the officials will tightly call the game, but we shall see.