Christiane Amanpour’s Disgusting D-Day Question About Trump to Tom Hanks


Democrats just can’t stop with the politics and their agenda, and even on D-Day they can’t focus on the nation and what the day means. 

Hillary Clinton made it about attacking former President Donald Trump and comparing voting against him to what the D-Day heroes did. Secretary of State Antony Blinken compared Biden to D-Day heroes and tried to use the day to justify the U.S. involvement in Ukraine.



Enough Already: Blinken Compares Biden to D-Day Heroes in Dreadful Comment

Hillary Clinton Makes Disgusting and Vile D-Day Post

The talking points must have gone out. Here was Biden advisor Mitch Landrieu as well comparing voting for Biden to storming the beaches of Normandy. 

The media was pushing a version of this as well. 

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour did an interview in Normandy with actor Tom Hanks, a Biden supporter. The question she asked him sounded like she was a Democratic operative who’d gotten talking points from the DNC. She said that Biden was giving his speeches in the “cloak of democracy.” “That’s what we’re defending,” she said. 


Without mentioning, you know, Donald Trump, he [Biden] will talk about the stakes for America and for the world. Finally, do you worry about the United States, in case there — in terms of its commitment to democracy and freedom, and everything these people died for, if there’s another Trump presidency? 

She’s basically terming Trump a threat to freedom and democracy and everything the Americans who died at Normandy died for. This is supposed to be a CNN news correspondent — but this drivel should be an in-kind contribution to the Democrats. 

Lawfare and trying to keep a political opponent off the ballot is just hunky-dory, apparently. 

But I think she was likely disappointed by Hanks’ answer. His reply was more nuanced and perhaps he was considering not alienating millions by going down the path that she laid out. Because he didn’t make an explicit anti-Trump statement, which I’m sure she was hoping for. 

“I always think there’s reason to be worried in the short term…Look, our Constitution says, ‘We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union…’ That journey to a more perfect union has missteps in it,” he said.


Over the long term, however, we inevitably made progress towards, I think, that more perfect union. And how does it come about? It comes about not because of somebody’s narrative of who was right, or who was a victim or not. It comes out of the slow melding of the truth to the actual practical life that we end up living. It comes down to the good deed that is practiced with your neighbor…I will always have faith that the United States of America and the Western societies that have adopted more or less the same sort of democracy, cannot help but turn towards what is right.

A bit of a bloviating answer, but the end is correct — that Americans will turn towards what is right. I would agree with that; they will. And vote out Joe Biden.