CNN Delivers More Worrisome News for Biden About His Fleeing Support


Joe Biden has been hemorrhaging a lot of support. 

From minorities to women, heck, he’s even losing Never Trump support. And even liberal Democrats’ eyes have been opened by his actions regarding the Israel-Hamas war, which demonstrate how bad he is on policy with Israel and how feckless he is when he thinks it hurts him politically. 



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What’s that all adding up to? More bad news for Biden, as CNN’s data analyst Harry Enten explained to John Berman. Enten laid out how Biden is getting “squeezed from both ends” — both from the centrist former supporters shocked at his actions and the far left who might have supported him in the past but think he’s now been too supportive of Israel. These numbers don’t just show how much trouble Biden is in; they also show how twisted a lot of the Democratic Party is on this issue. 

He pointed out how Biden is only getting 50 percent support from those who disapprove of his actions on Israel/Gaza. Those are from 2020 supporters. 


“Oh my goodness gracious,” Enten said. “This is a huge dividing line within the Democratic Party, and that’s something, of course, we’re seeing right now between the progressive wing and those more centrist or mainstream Democrats.”

Then how is that working out to the base of support? Enten showed how former President Donald Trump is holding onto more of his base of support from 2020, but Biden’s base has fallen to only 73 percent of his 2020 support, and that’s why he is tanking. That’s why Trump “is in a much better position than he was four years ago,” Enten declared.

That’s why Biden doesn’t know which way to turn. His people are probably looking at these numbers and freaking out, and now he’s losing both the pro-Israel and the anti-Israel folks he previously had in his coalition. 

But the bottom line is that his policy positions shouldn’t be based on this; they should be based upon what is right and what is in the best interests of the United States, remembering Americans were killed, and our hostages are still being held. Maybe something like this: 


That’s how you lead. You may not always be right. But you aren’t Biden flailing around, trying to save your own political hide, twisting in the wind as to what to do next. 


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