Community, outside supporters have heated discussion with Uvalde city council

An immigration disaster declaration was passed again during the hours-long Uvalde City Council meeting on Tuesday, but much of the night was spent on the public comment section over police accountability.

Currently at the Uvalde City Council meeting. It should begin at 6 pm.

— Leigh Waldman (@LeighWaldman) August 9, 2022

“All you have to do is Google Texas peace officer termination — you will find the very first thing that pops up that tells you how you can terminate a peace officer. We’re following that to a T,” said Uvalde Councilman Chip King.

A crowd member shouted, “There are kids from Uvalde here that are traumatized that don’t need to hear that.”

The shouting forced one child who was present to tears. The discussion remained heated when it came to Uvalde police accountability.

Council members reiterated they must follow due process.

Meanwhile, calmer talks prevailed when discussing hiring a full-time assistant police chief.

“I do not think this position will be or should be filled within our existing police department whatsoever,” Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said.

On May 24 — the day of the Robb Elementary School shooting — Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez was out of town, and acting chief Lt. Mariano Pargas was in charge.

Pargas was placed on paid administrative leave on July 17. McLaughlin announced former Austin Police Department detective Jesse Prado would do an independent internal investigation.

On Tuesday night, McLaughlin said that investigation could last between 60 and 90 days.

During the meeting, officials also discussed a permanent Robb School Memorial and forming a committee of family members, community, and council members.

“At the beginning, it is very tough when you start making those decisions because you’re very emotional, so you have to let things — you have to start the process,” said Jesse Rizo, uncle of Jackie Cazares — a victim in the Robb Elementary shooting.

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