‘Critically Wounded’: Megyn Kelly Says What We’re ALL Thinking About Biden and His Mental Health


Everyone who has been paying attention knows how unwell Joe Biden is, mentally speaking. There is a glaring problem with the leader of our free world right now, and the left is so busy screeching incoherently about the BaD oRaNgE mAn that they’re willing to overlook issues that really shouldn’t be overlooked in not only a sitting president, but a candidate for another term as well.


At this point, it really does look like a blatant case of elder abuse.

Full disclosure, this writer lost her father to Alzheimer’s/dementia in 2022, so this does hit a little close to home. Check out some of the responses.



We don’t think anyone actually believes that Biden is the one running anything anymore. And that’s been true for a good little while now.

Most people, though, had very strong opinions.


After Biden’s abysmal performance in the debate against Trump, even the Democrats can’t deny that Biden is their least logical candidate. The question, however, remains: What now?