David Hogg Moans About Housing Costs, Scott Presler and Others School Him on Reality of Liberal Choices


It’s funny when leftists accidentally expose how bad Democratic policies are. 

Our friends at Twitchy picked up on a comment from recent Harvard graduate David Hogg. His remarks tell you how much degrees from Harvard are worth now, if we didn’t already know that they aren’t worth much more than the paper they’re printed on. 


Hogg was bemoaning the cost of housing and how his rent had gone up. Fair warning about bad grammar from the Harvard grad. 

“In case you couldn’t tell my landlord just told my roommate and I they are gonna raise our rent nearly 10%,” he posted. He had previously posted, “Housing costs way too damn much.” 

Um, Dave? That should be “my roommate and me” in this context. 

Now, I don’t doubt what he says here for a minute. Rents are up and buying a new home has become almost unattainable for some because of the higher interest rates. But what’s flying right over Hogg’s head and what people weren’t shy about explaining to him was, while he’s complaining about this, it’s due to the bad policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats. The consequences of his actions supporting them just came around and smacked him right in the wallet. 


Many including GOP registration dynamo Scott Presler told Hogg that he’d voted for this. Presler also offered up that Southern tradition of “Bless your heart.” 

Unfortunately Hogg doesn’t seem to have picked up on real economics or the concept of cause and effect during his time at Harvard. But that’s folks on the left, not seeing the consequences of all they voted for or cheered on, and how that may come back to hurt them.

Yes, the Inflation Reduction Act was a big deal, in that more spending doesn’t reduce inflation, it makes it worse. 

Some noted that if even alleged liberal influencers like this kid were complaining about costs, then you truly know Biden is in trouble because they’re no longer holding their tongues about reality. Is he going to admit the problems here with the leftist policies? Probably not, since that would tank him with lefties, and appealing to the left is pretty much his whole claim to fame, such as it is. 


Hogg may have more enlightenment if he gets a real job and has to face more economic realities. Under former President Donald Trump, before Joe Biden came in, inflation was 1.4 percent. Under Biden, it hit over nine percent. Rents in most major US metropolitan areas have risen some 1.5 times faster than wages.

Reality schools a lot of leftists as they age. Reality certainly seems to be knocking on Hogg’s door. He should let it in. 


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