Dude, What? Eric Swalwell Is Latest Lefty With an Unhinged Theory About Project 2025


We’ve talked a little bit about Project 2025, a series of policy proposals from the Heritage Foundation, in a document that is 900 pages long. The Left has lost their minds over it, screaming it’ll turn America in to a dystopian hellscape if Trump wins in November.


The kicker is this isn’t related to the Trump campaign, and Trump has distanced himself from it (whether or not that’s a good idea is a debate for another post).

But we digress.

Eric Swalwell is the latest to post an unhinged theory about 2025.

Forced marriage.

Okay, Eric.

Whatever you say.

And that’s quite the achievement.

There should be an annual awards show, a la the Oscars, for dumb X posts.

He can’t help himself.

Yes. Please cite your source, Eric.



Suuuuure he will. Just like he did every bad thing last time, like get us in to WWIII.

Oh, wait.

He only has double standards.

The Left keeps making TikTok videos about how awesome it is.



Trump has broken so many brains.

They can’t talk about Biden’s record, and they don’t want to talk about Biden’s mental state.

So Project 2025 it is.

We laughed out loud.


Totally hard to believe.


It’s bottomless, truly.

One of the best replies.

It’s amazing what they will believe and what they will straight up lie about in order to advance their political agenda, isn’t it?

Simply amazing.