Former Wednesday’s Child Aiden has found his forever family

WFAA shot Aiden’s Wednesday’s Child segment inside the television studios — gifting him with an anchor job for the day in February 2020.

DALLAS — We have an exciting update from deep in the heart of WFAA. It’s about a little boy who wanted to tape his Wednesday’s Child report here in our studios. 

Do you remember Aiden? He was 12 years old when WFAA first met him. 

Aiden didn’t expect the welcome he got when WFAA taped his Wednesday’s Child report in the station’s studios two and a half years ago. Nor did Aiden expect the surprise from WFAA bosses. They offered him a one-day contract to be an honorary anchor. 

Aiden signed on the dotted line as fast as he could. He then walked the WFAA halls proudly, with that contract and with confidence.

That memorable taping happened in February of 2020. Fast forward to today, and we are elated to announce that Aiden moved into his forever home earlier this month. His CPS case is now closed.

His caseworker said that Aiden wanted her to tell WFAA the good news! He will never forget his day at WFAA and we will never forget him. 

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