Free Beacon Editor Travels Back in Time to Demonstrate when Biden Coverage Changed


Today, ‘Washington Free Beacon‘ Editor, Peter J. Hasson, took readers for a walk down memory lane in terms of Joe Biden coverage. Interestingly, he found reports in corporate media all the way back to 2019 detailing Biden’s worsening mental condition. It all came to a screeching halt, however, when Biden became the official Democratic nominee.


Back then, at first, the media was doing its best to make sure Biden did not become the nominee. The DNC had different ideas and when they failed, they quickly fell in line.



Any person paying attention with eyes knows he has continued to decline at a rapid pace.

Their curiosity is to the extent they are directed by the DNC.


Your contempt is never enough. This is why it’s important to support conservative media.

Corporate Media was adamant they could never let Trump win again, and part of that effort was speaking no ill of Joe Biden.