‘Fungal Infection’: Sen. Kennedy Lays Waste to Biden’s Border Crisis Desperation in Must-Watch Takedown


Every once in a while, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) provides a timely reminder of why the Republican Party is so danged lucky to have him in it, and Tuesday was one of those glorious days.


As RedState previously reported, President Joe Biden signed an executive order earlier that he hopes will make him look tough on the border in the eyes of frustrated voters who have given him poor marks for his handling of the self-made crisis over the last three and a half years of his presidency.

But as we also reported, the order has holes (exceptions) big enough to “drive a truck through,” which means – as expected – the executive action taken by Biden will have little to no impact on the illegals who are currently surging through, which is no doubt exactly what he and members of his administration wanted.

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It was all just too much for Kennedy, who tore into Biden during a Senate GOP press conference in response to Biden’s announcement:

“Okay, I want you to listen up. Here’s the drill. President Biden is in trouble politically. He’s polling right up there with fungal infections. Part of the reason for that is that he gave in to the loon wing of his party and he dissolved the Southern border.”

Now, five months before an election, he has to appear to be willing to do something about it, hence this executive order. And he expects you to report this epiphany that he has had, take what the White House is telling you, balance it on your noses like trained seals, and report it uncritically.

For three years, we have watched President Biden push on a door that has been clearly marked ‘pull.’ He’s mismanaged Congress, COVID, the national debt, the economy, inflation, crime, Afghanistan, Iran, the war in Gaza, the war in Ukraine, and now of course the border.

And every time I think the president has hit rock bottom, he has managed to find a shovel and continue to dig, hence, this executive order. And I think that’s what the American people see.

The first question I would ask President Biden is this: ‘It’s a little late, isn’t it, Mr. President?’  It’s a little late.

You can’t make this cat walk backwards. The president’s border policies have allowed eight million people to come into our country illegally. If you try to come into our country today legally, you are a sucker, you are a sucker. All that you have to do is present yourself at the Southern border. 

Now, for three years, President Biden told us all there is no crisis at the Southern border for reasons clearly stated on the teleprompter. And his plan to deal with the crisis at the border was to pretend that there wasn’t a crisis at the border. Some of you reported that; some of you didn’t.

Well, when the American people figured it out, because they may be poorer under President Biden but they’re not stupid, the Biden administration shifted strategy. It then said, well we know there’s a crisis at the border but we don’t have any authority to fix it. That didn’t work either, because the American people aren’t cell-deep stupid.”


“This is one of the most cynical things that I have ever seen a politician attempt to do five months before an election,” Kennedy also stated. “It is insulting, it is cheap, it is contemptuous – the American people see that, and I hope I hope you do too.”


During the same presser, Sen. Joni Ernst said to Kennedy on the way off the stage in a hilarious but spot-on hot mic moment, “Bottom line, never trust a man whose uncle was eaten by cannibals.” 

Truer words, and all that.

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